Heidi Montag Parties Sans Class, Spencer Pratt

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The celebrity news media caught up with Heidi Montag out in Hollywood last night, only something was missing. Besides class, tact and real boobs.

Yes, Heidi Montag's typically attached-at-the-hip, used-to-be-boyfriend, then one-time fiance, now back to simply boyfriend/manager again, Spencer Pratt, was MIA. Could there be more trouble in fake, nauseating paradise?

Three Douchebags

Heidi Montag: Game for girls night out... for once!

Heidi appeared to have no problem having a good time solo. The one buzzkill of the night for the enhanced blonde beauty was the fact that the club played the Spice Girls ... as she was on her way out. A girl just wants to get freaky!

Word has it that the media whore had a nighttime run-in with her feuding fellow star of The Hills, Lauren Conrad, earlier in the week. More on that to come.


she deserves it, she shoudl of listened to lauren when she told her that spencer was a bad person, thats what she gets, she let that happen to herse boyfriends come and go but stay friends fore111ver....heidi should of listen. i have no pity for her


Heidi is just following the commands of Spencer as they are trying to stage a break-up........ so to make it look real so they will not be called "pathetic" they are playing it to the tee. I will believe it if Heidi is caught making out with someone else otherwise.....she is just out to get more publicity. Such a attention seeking backstabbing idiotic girl who is in league with that gossip leach.....Perez HIlton.


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Heidi Montag: Honey, I'm home.
Spencer Pratt: Oh, my favorite part of the day!