Heidi Montag: Engagement to Spencer Pratt is Off

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On the recent season finale of The Hills, Heidi Montag announced she needed space and time to reflect and reassess her life - without Spencer Pratt.

The Hills finale ended with millions of fans wondering what lies ahead in terms of Speidi's wedding - the couple viewers have grown to love ... to hate.

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In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly (which might as well change its name to Heidi Montag PR Weekly), an often tense Montag and Pratt explain exactly why their engagement was broken off, and claim they are still together.

They have no plans to get married, however.

Says Heidi Montag: "We're going back to being boyfriend and girlfriend." Pratt interjects without mockery: "When our relationship was flawless."

Barf. As for Montag's possibly fake, definitely elusive engagement ring?

"I turned it into a pendant," the aspiring singer and media whore says. "It wasn't my dream ring. I don't like what it represents. I might sell it."

Heidi Montag Weekly, also known as Us Weekly, gives us the scoop.

Think Lauren Conrad - who loathed Spencer Pratt from the start and warned Montag about his evil ways - is currently smiling at Heidi's misfortunes?

"It would be really sad if she did, but her opinions don't affect me at all," Heidi Montag told the magazine. "She's not a part of my life now."

Meanwhile, Spencer Pratt is sorry for how this happened: "I need to accept that Heidi wants her princess wedding and that she is the boss."

Montag, for her part, doesn't sound ready to give up on this quite yet: "I have a high tolerance for pain. After all, I've lived with Spencer."


Perfect work!


I use to like heidi until she started dating spencer, i think the only reason she is staying with him is because she has no friends anymore because of him, and he has no friends either because he is a huge jerk, not even a cute jerk.. like what is she doing with him..


Heidi seemed like a great gal until she met Spencer. Spencer is one of those guys that can not be trusted, he is a user and abuser. Lauren was the best thing she had going. Some day she will grow up.


see.i used to like heidi until she met spencer.& now shes like a huge attention whore and its really gay.she needs to straighten up.im for lauren all the way....heidi just needs to stop what shes doing and everyone is saying that she is but she needs to get away from ugly spencer before she loses more friends and only has his skank of a sister.


why does this girl try so hard to be liked by the public!no one will ever like her no matter how she tries.and guess wat no one cares if you and he-pratt are back to being girlfriend and boyfriend.besides we all knew that the engagement wouldn't last you guys are just to immature&self centered!.you fight then make up over &over.just break up for GOOD already!!!!


to be honest i never really liked spencer or heidi but i do feel bad for her.i mean what girl doesnt want a princess wedding and he disrespected her on that i think its wrong.he should just give her some space and let her figure things out.e is always rude to her anyway why does she need him.


First no one believe it was real anyways Second, they sound like idiots


Look at the cheesy message that Spencer sent to Heidi as an attempt to win her back!! It's hilarious: http://www.GnomeYourself.com/Q...

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