Haylie Duff Approves of Hilary Duff Dating Mike Comrie

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Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff are so close, they're like sisters.

So you know it's a big deal for Hilary's hockey player boyfriend, Mike Comrie, to have officially passed the all-important Haylie test.

Sexy Hilary Duff

"I think he's great and so special," said big sister Haylie Duff, 22, to People at the Guess/Conde Nast Movies Rock party in L.A. on November 29.

"I love him. He's a really great guy."

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie - the former collegiate All-American and 27-year-old forward for the New York Islanders - have been dating since the summer. That's not too long, but Mike Comrie is already known for big displays of devotion.

Haylie Duff (left) approves of Mike Comrie, boyfriend of l'il sis Hilary Duff.

In September, Mike Comrie "surprised" Hilary Duff with a $100,000 Mercedes in honor of the singer and actress' 20th birthday.

"He's good to her," Haylie Duff said. "That's all I care about."

A lot better than Jordin Tootoo was to Kellie Pickler.


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He has more than a few noncelebrity babes in more than a few ports he doesn`t tell her about and WILL NEVER TELL her about if he`s pro enough to nab Hilary Duff, which he obviously is. He`s been spotted too much by now with other babes. If his team mates know, they ain`t telling NO ONE. So this could all be an entertainment play of some kind, true, but I think it`s just him treating women like dirt and breakin`off with them... his way, iykwim.


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Hmmm... considering the dude is an ace creepo billionaire heir, I'd make a deal with myself to say anything, too. Hilary Duff has a lot to give to get it all thrown in the crapper over a real bad choice of boyfriend. Too very sad. 8(

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