Go Casey: Getting Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Not Illegal

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Good news for fans of Casey Aldridge and fans of underage, unprotected teen sex everywhere: Jamie Lynn Spears' baby daddy can't be charged with statutory rape.

According to DMV records and family members, Casey Aldridge is only 18 years of age, having been born into this cruel world on April 29, 1989.

Spears Double Wedding!

The significance of that date? Jamie Lynn Spears was born April 4, 1991, making her less than two years younger than Casey Aldridge.

Dumb as Casey Aldridge might be, no charges will be filed.

Apparently, under Louisiana law, you can bone a minor so long as she's not more than two years younger than you. Casey abided by that law by a whole 25 days! Wooooo!

Even more good news for the happy, teenage father-to-be: With Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant, Casey Aldridge doesn't have to worry about using birth control for the next few months at least! Who's the lucky guy now, eh?


Jamie lynn is just too young to have a baby! I know that she's not the 1st to get pregnant at a young age but dang I thought this girl would be a good role model unlike her stupid sis! I don't advocate abortions at all but I do hope that this child has a good life! How can a baby raise a baby? Her mom should have taught her about condoms and birth control! Lil romeo was dating jamie? Who's the daddy on the next Maury!!!!


Well maybe they'll leave poor Brittany alone and really question the motives of
the parents. Maybe if her mother wasn't so worried about helping a father like Kevin who left his 8 months pregnant girlfriend at the time to be with Brittany.
She would have a clue what was going on in Jamie's life. It's seems like when Jamie's career took off she left Brittany like a bad habit. Maybe if she worried more about parenting then money and material things she would know what's going on in her kids life. I thought her kid's had this great relationship has Lynne ever heard of birth control? Ponchatoula,LA


C'mon, do you really care? Look how much press and money the skunk of a mother is getting for these two kids...I never hear much about their Father so that shows how important the "Male" is to them. They are just "Worker Bees"
Get real...Do you think they really care what we think. Britney doesn't need any more work...she can go her entire life without another hit...they are all set...Why care about what we really think.Have fun, life is short. Besides , maybe he's related anyway.


Who cares if this girl is pregnant. She is just a typical young girl who obviously seems to think she is wiser than she is. For the boyfriend....either you are really dumb or smart...


just because jamie made a mistake doesn't mean she'll turn out like her sister.
i have faith in her, we all make mistakes.
i wish her the best of luck


i just wish them the best of luck.. bad things happen 2 good people.. but its not the end of the world.. its not like its never happened before..look at beyonces sister was that all over the magazines? no..just beacuse shes britneys sister she gets treated differently..

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