George Weisgerber is Tailor Made for Tiffany Pollard

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It's hard not to wonder: would George Weisgerber have won over the heart of Tiffany Pollard if he had gone by his real name during I Love New York 2?

We'll never know because Weisgerber chose the moniker of "Tailor Made" and the rest is reality show history: Pollard chose him as her mate last night on the season finale.

Bringing the Bling

Before being selected, George Weisgerber sat down with some magazine called DeNovo to talk about his love for New York:

What do you see in New York?
Tailor Made: I have been attracted to New York since I first saw her on Flavor of Love. She has all the qualities I look for in a woman. She's sexy, sassy, independent minded and is not afraid to speak her mind. I know this might sound a bit cliche, but I feel that it was fate that I ended up on the show.

George Weisgerber is better known as "Tailor Made." The man will be seeing a lot of Tiffany Pollard nude.

You clearly displayed your wealth on the show, what type of work are you in?
Unlike a lot of the other guys I have never been on a reality show or had a career in entertainment. I have worked in the fashion industry in a variety of roles for ten plus years. I am currently a Retail Planner for a prominent designer in New York.

What was it like meeting New York for the first time?
The two mottos I live by are "A lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste" and "work hard but play harder". The first time I met New York in person I was actually a little intimidated at how beautiful she was. She's gorgeous on television, but in person she's flawless.

What do you think, readers? Are these two headed for success, like Ryan and Trista Sutter? Or failure, like Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick?


I'm wondering if Weiegerber is sincere in his assessment of Miss New Your. I think it's a publicity stunt. I can't see any many putting up with her mouth for any length of time. I will not use degrading terms to describe her. She is what she is. I believe that they may get married for the publicity of it. Lets settle back and see it they get married... then wait for the divorce rumors and final confirmation. For those who mentioned that they can't believe a white man would be with her. Don't forget how all of the mulatto's and the rest came to be. It was the white man and the black woman from slavery up.


I'm wondering if Weiegerber is sincere in his assessment of Miss New Your. I think it's a publicity stunt. I can't see any many putting up with her mouth for any length of time. Lets settle back and see it they get married... then wait for the divorce rumors and final confirmation.


Wow, you all have strong opinions but don't know any of them personally, yet ya'll bitch fight like ya'll do. the only thing that I do have to say is that, that line about "No way in hell a WHITE man of any type of stature would want to settle down with a black hoodrat such as "New York"., is one of the most racial remarks I've ever heard, regardless of what ethnic background you have.


Ya know what?
I ♥ New York, And I ♥ Tailor Made. (: I think they will live together forever and have
very beautiful babiess : )


I am glad that Tiffany is glad. I wanted her to pick tailor made, george. He seems like someone she could get along with and love. I know it's TV but I hope they do make like Ryan and Trista did. It would be nice for REality TV to turn up another good match. Ignore the Haters Tiffany, YOU GO GIRL.


Tailor Made = Fake. Great acting. Just wants exposure and will go the extra mile (faking he is in love with that disgusting human being). New York = Disgusting. Irrelevant. Insecure. Waste of oxygen. New York's Mother = All of the above plus hypocrite and repulsive. Great tv, though.


new york is a chickenhead and that's that.. birds fly south for the winter so tell her to BOUNCE! i can smell the newports coming through my television.


As someone said earlier, NY is a hideous hoodrat. Let her take off her costume and then let us see if she is really flawless. And it is not because she is a black woman that she was called a hood rat. I am a balck woman and no-one that knows me will ever or have ever called me that. She is uneducated, not pretty at all, uses too much profanity, disrespectful, a chain smoker, loud, obnoxious and the list goes on As for her mother, Miss Paterson( to me), she is an embarassment to all mothers. She is a blatant liar, dumb and ugly. Like mother like daughter


CORRECTION. Bobbie, listed above call New York a "Black Hood Rat." This comment disturbed me. What would you describe Paris Hilton as? Or Lindsey Lohan? Or Jessica Simpson? I can go on & on & on but I believe you get the gist of my commentary.


First up, I didn't see the 2nd season. =( I missed it. The 1st season was funny as hell. It seems as if things were a little more serious for New York [Tiffany] and I don't blame her. I am curious as to the comment made by Bobbie. If you sincerely called her a "hood rat" because of her disposition, I'll by that for the most part. I hope you didn't make that comment because she is a Black woman with an urban edge. Black people, especially Black women can be seriously misunderstood. She doesn't settle for less & her mother depicts that. Aside from that, go head NY NY! You did it girl! If you're going to pick a White man, make sure he is the total package. I'm a Black man and I respect her chose.

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