George Weisgerber is Tailor Made for Tiffany Pollard

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It's hard not to wonder: would George Weisgerber have won over the heart of Tiffany Pollard if he had gone by his real name during I Love New York 2?

We'll never know because Weisgerber chose the moniker of "Tailor Made" and the rest is reality show history: Pollard chose him as her mate last night on the season finale.

Bringing the Bling

Before being selected, George Weisgerber sat down with some magazine called DeNovo to talk about his love for New York:

What do you see in New York?
Tailor Made: I have been attracted to New York since I first saw her on Flavor of Love. She has all the qualities I look for in a woman. She's sexy, sassy, independent minded and is not afraid to speak her mind. I know this might sound a bit cliche, but I feel that it was fate that I ended up on the show.

George Weisgerber is better known as "Tailor Made." The man will be seeing a lot of Tiffany Pollard nude.

You clearly displayed your wealth on the show, what type of work are you in?
Unlike a lot of the other guys I have never been on a reality show or had a career in entertainment. I have worked in the fashion industry in a variety of roles for ten plus years. I am currently a Retail Planner for a prominent designer in New York.

What was it like meeting New York for the first time?
The two mottos I live by are "A lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste" and "work hard but play harder". The first time I met New York in person I was actually a little intimidated at how beautiful she was. She's gorgeous on television, but in person she's flawless.

What do you think, readers? Are these two headed for success, like Ryan and Trista Sutter? Or failure, like Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick?


I am white, and I think Tiffany is amazing and she seems like a really nice person (if she likes you). I agree with what truth wrote. Working in NYC myself, a "retail planner" is not impressive (maybe he has family money). I like them together though, and he will let her have the spotlight. Watch, they will do a show for planning and then having their wedding, then a newlywed show. That's at least 2 more seasons! $$$$ for them.


@ Bobbie well said.


I love this damn show. I've tried to resist watching it on several occassions, but the curiosty was killing me. I had wanted New York to pick Taylor Made from probably the 2nd episode. I did not care for Budda, and as much as I love Punk he just wasn't her type. If she had of picked him, it diffenetly would not have last. I hope that New York and George stay together, and maybe have their own tv show in the future. Goodluck.


In I Love New York 2 it was obvious that there was a much better selection of guys for her to pick from. I started rooting for Tailor Made after several shows. He appeared to be an honest, intelligent and sensitive man. He appeared to really be in love with New York. I think he will do whatever necessary to make her happy. I only hope that New York doesn't break his heart.


I don't care about New York or her situation it's obvious she will not have anything (fame) if she settles down. It doesn't take TV to find true love and she's more addicted to the fame then the serial dating. As for Tailor Made if he is a retail planner for a "prominent designer" he isn't making as much as he plays up. Under 150k at best and that's a stretch. Add in living expenses, etc... Chances are when he is single he can afford a certain purported lifestyle, but throw in a daughter and New York.....well I am assuming he has a lot of debt, much like many of the other douche bags that talk about how much money they have. New York tried to cash in on his wealth and he probably couldn't produce.


It's funny how people want to talk s*** on New York but when it comes down to it we all were watching the show and it shows from all of the comments...she is good entertainment and kept us talking....i hope you are happy New York...and by the way Taylor Made is sexy, stylish and knows how to get what he wants...he played his hand perfectly and got the lady....YOU GO BOY!!!!


I think its great they are together. Who cares about the color of thier skin? If you do, then get a life. Do I think they will make it? Thats a hard call. Im sure VH1 will offer a new show if they dont. Maybe to George? If they do make it, then that would be the second working reality relationship, next to the Bachlorette couple who just had a baby.


I can't believe the ignorant, racist comments about black and white people on this site. This is 2008 people stop the hate! What does it matter if Tailor Made and New York are different races so long as they are happy? Some of the most beauitful people I've ever met are mixed-totally unique a race all to there own. Keep your idiotic prehistoric racist comments to yourselves please I'd like to think mankind has come a little farther than that.


i cannot imagine george putting up with all that smoking


I can care less about new York I'm in love with george
I hope he's not serious with that act.
If they fall off I'll catch him !!!!!!!

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