George Weisgerber is Tailor Made for Tiffany Pollard

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It's hard not to wonder: would George Weisgerber have won over the heart of Tiffany Pollard if he had gone by his real name during I Love New York 2?

We'll never know because Weisgerber chose the moniker of "Tailor Made" and the rest is reality show history: Pollard chose him as her mate last night on the season finale.

Bringing the Bling

Before being selected, George Weisgerber sat down with some magazine called DeNovo to talk about his love for New York:

What do you see in New York?
Tailor Made: I have been attracted to New York since I first saw her on Flavor of Love. She has all the qualities I look for in a woman. She's sexy, sassy, independent minded and is not afraid to speak her mind. I know this might sound a bit cliche, but I feel that it was fate that I ended up on the show.

George Weisgerber is better known as "Tailor Made." The man will be seeing a lot of Tiffany Pollard nude.

You clearly displayed your wealth on the show, what type of work are you in?
Unlike a lot of the other guys I have never been on a reality show or had a career in entertainment. I have worked in the fashion industry in a variety of roles for ten plus years. I am currently a Retail Planner for a prominent designer in New York.

What was it like meeting New York for the first time?
The two mottos I live by are "A lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste" and "work hard but play harder". The first time I met New York in person I was actually a little intimidated at how beautiful she was. She's gorgeous on television, but in person she's flawless.

What do you think, readers? Are these two headed for success, like Ryan and Trista Sutter? Or failure, like Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick?


I have a question, is Ms. New York a male or female. It is very alarming how manly Tiffany looks? Perhaps talior made found out the real story of Ms. New York. There's rumor there will be a session 3, time will tell Porsha


Reality shows have taken over and I have been glued to vh1 since flav's shows (strange love, etc) As for New YOrk like someone said...I wonder what's gonna happen when the lights and cameras or no longer flashin? How real is Tailor Made? Hell how real is New York? MADE for TV perhaps? Anywayz if its real best of the luck to them, who am I to judge...although I wished she woulda picked someone who wasn't so grimey....taylor deserves a beatdown........nuff said


Come on, they deserve each other! You get what you give...


Wow. I HATE Tailor Made. I hate him with a passion. and, New York is just a whore. ~Mary Alice Brandon


The times on the show that New York didn't have on make-up, she looks soooo much betta. Half the time you can't even see her eyes with those ridiculous fake lashes. She cracks me up and is fun to watch. Her moms is another thing altogether tho. She DOES look like a transvestite and those nails...gross!Tailor Made is perfect for her..a wimp that she can boss around!


She only picked him because he fits her lifestyle. she don't love his skinny ass...


Beth I hope you get your ass beat senseless, or maybe you have and you lost your mind when you wrote the n word. I would love to see you say it to their faces and I would love to see your face as they made you eat your words. AS I SEE IT ANYONE THAT IS UP HERE talking trash about new york is just jealous. Jealous that she is making more money than you ever will. And she used reality t.v. not the other way around.


I have no problem with her race or looks, but unless the show was leading us on she has had more pipe laid into her big round ass than one decent woman could stand. George is getting very used goods. There are virgins, sexually active women, hos, hookers, nymphomaniacs, then the largest hole since the Lincoln Tunnel, Miss New York!!! Good Luck George, You may need that telephone pole cock transplant sooner than You think.


I find it very interesting that people like Beth and Bob are posting such racist comments. You two are rather quick in speaking about the ignorance of New York and Ms. Patterson; however, has it occurred to either of you that maybe... you are also ignorant? Only someone with limited intelligence will remark with comments based in superficial language {i.e.: skin color and race} rather than based in substantiated language {i.e.: chain-smoker}. Please leave this site and keep your negative and racist comments to yourself.


I loved the show. I always find New York very entertaining. Tailor Made is one hot guy. I think they will enjoy doing all of the "girl" stuff together. By the way, does anyone know where he got those Korean masks???

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