George Weisgerber is Tailor Made for Tiffany Pollard

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It's hard not to wonder: would George Weisgerber have won over the heart of Tiffany Pollard if he had gone by his real name during I Love New York 2?

We'll never know because Weisgerber chose the moniker of "Tailor Made" and the rest is reality show history: Pollard chose him as her mate last night on the season finale.

Bringing the Bling

Before being selected, George Weisgerber sat down with some magazine called DeNovo to talk about his love for New York:

What do you see in New York?
Tailor Made: I have been attracted to New York since I first saw her on Flavor of Love. She has all the qualities I look for in a woman. She's sexy, sassy, independent minded and is not afraid to speak her mind. I know this might sound a bit cliche, but I feel that it was fate that I ended up on the show.

George Weisgerber is better known as "Tailor Made." The man will be seeing a lot of Tiffany Pollard nude.

You clearly displayed your wealth on the show, what type of work are you in?
Unlike a lot of the other guys I have never been on a reality show or had a career in entertainment. I have worked in the fashion industry in a variety of roles for ten plus years. I am currently a Retail Planner for a prominent designer in New York.

What was it like meeting New York for the first time?
The two mottos I live by are "A lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste" and "work hard but play harder". The first time I met New York in person I was actually a little intimidated at how beautiful she was. She's gorgeous on television, but in person she's flawless.

What do you think, readers? Are these two headed for success, like Ryan and Trista Sutter? Or failure, like Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick?


I'd take him and seriously he can do better.


He's gay and she's a trannie. I live in his building and so I know and for her, the comment is so obvious. Come on people! Do you not really get it at all?


Uh, New York really strikes me as a transvestite. I'm not convinced she is a biologicalk natural born woman. If she is she is surely a caricature of one. I'd say she's a no class ho but the whole thing is an act.


quisiera saber hoy en dia si continua su romance entre tailor made y new york, me encantaria que esto pasara por que los 2 hacen la pareja perfecta uno se complementa con otro, de veras quisiera saber que paso despues de la reunion.


George is such a loser. He should get a job at PizzaHut. What reputable company would hire him or keep him after going on that trash show with that ugly girl Tiffany who looks like a crackhead drag queen?


tailor made es muy lindo y el me encanta y new york es muyyyyyy afortunada q niño mas lindo jejej


i love taylor made


ok, taylor is a wuss. any man that spits on another man is a faggot. he looks like a punk and a weasel. he can't fight and he prides himself more than tiffany.
furthermore, tiffany look laka MAN! what man in their right mind would be seen with a bubble lipped, thing like that.


George is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!! He is the best father in the world!! I wish him the best of luck with Tiffany!! And when George and Tiffany get married they will be the best parents!


they are the best couple yet

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