George Clooney and Sarah Larson Rome Around

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Our favorite actor and his adorable girlfriend were spotted in Rome earlier this week.

George Clooney leads Sarah Larson into an Italian restaurant, as onlookers get a glimpse of a pair that may be in the running for Us Weekly's 2008 Couple of the Year.


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In fact, and alas, my Ladies, George is gay.


Sarah is a fortune hunter...time will tell...
she is not attractive....plastic...always...never talks..can she speak? and by the way...George is GAY!


Sarah has a plastic face. How can that really be considered beautiful? What wax factory did she come from and why didn't they remove the icy cold bitchy stare that comes from that fake nice girl act. She's the generic form of a real woman. Throw her back and try once more Geroge. You can do so much better, after you are and always will be the Great George Clooney!


This is a man who dated the same gals for YEARS and you never saw pics of them and gossip. Then BAM he picks up a so called but not known actress/model in Vegas and she is in your face 24/7? Come on she is a paid escort to boost the image! Sadly his agent picked one with pics and videos out there! Hope she signed a contract because I smell a juicy tell all to a rag mag! Ever notice she always looks for the camera and he always takes her out? Perhaps a male lover of Georgie is about to blow his cover? Does he not know Cary Grant was bi? Anyone else think its creepy Crawford and Gerber hang out with them ALOT? Sara had some racy galpal picks. Hope its a set up because the gal acts like a golddigger and a user. George shy ladies who do not want to go out every night in public wont use you. Also tell them you cant have kids and believe in a prenup to see if their hearts true. A few pals acting to buy a tell all on ya approaching her would be a good test. Good Luck!


Those of you who are so judgemental- you can be a person with wit, brains, sophistication, and be a pole dancer, escort or a person who enjoys sex. You don't have to have less self respect. In fact, you could have more. Anyway, why not hold all positive perspectives for this lovely woman?


It's not her looks that are the problem. It's her behavior. She can be seen on one website (a video , mind you) licking another girls butt and lifting both hers and the other girls barely- covering-anything-anyway-shorts. Add to that her stint in Vegas as a pole dancing waitress and she's barely respectable! The ONLY reason she has any respectability now is George.


She's plain and she's a paid escort surely George could do better!


I think it's great that George is able to transcend all those meaningless things like, social status; that everyone is judging him for in dating a commoner like sarah larsen. She probably is a lot more likable and has less issues and overall has a certain simplicity that women of status and money all lack. So she's probably a breath of fresh air in the stinky pollution of hollyweird. It does'nt hurt that she's pretty too!

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