Deanna Russo: Young, Restless, Beautiful

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Housewives might know Deanna Russo from The Young and the Restless.

But we assume Playboy has named this actress its December 2007 Babe of the Month for her role in a popular Axe body spray commercial instead.

In the ad, Deanna plays a girl driven by the product's potent scent to rip her boyfriend's father's clothes off; and, in an act Mary Carey would admire, she goes in for the kill by verbalizing a bow chicka wow wow.

"I was in a drugstore recently, and this couple was looking at Axe products," Russo said. "As I walked by I gave them a bow chicka wow wow. They were not amused."

But we certainly are. This sense of humor would make Holly Madison and other Playboy Bunnies proud.

Deanna Russo Nude

Deanna Russo: Star of The Young and the Restless, men's fantasies. 

Aside from acring, Deanna has ventured into modeling, but she generally doesn't do swimwear.

"Most girls you see in bikinis have square-crotch," she said. "When they put their feet together, there's air between their legs. I was born with thighs; it's the Italian curse."

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