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Corbin Bleu has a message for Zac Efron:

The movie world has room for two High School Musical hunks!

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Hard at work on a new film, Freestyle, Bleu is proving that Efron isn't the only pretty face from that Disney franchise to be making a name for himself on the big screen.

"It's a motocross movie about this young man's coming of age and his dreams to turn pro, and all the struggles he goes through supporting his family. I'm a producer on it, as well," Bleu said of the upcoming movie.

The young star isn't a stranger to learning new talents for film roles. He reportedly had to acquire some basketball and baseball moves for his role in the High School Musical movies.

"It's become a running joke; I have to learn something new for every movie I do. I hope I can keep up the streak with this motocross," he said. "What these guys go through is pretty difficult. It's really the most physically demanding sport in the country."


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LOL!! His hair iz ridiculus!! And his beard-forget it! He used 2 be SO HOT-What happened?! But 4 some reason, I'm still 100% obsessed with him! He looked WAY cuter when he was 17! But I'm thrilled that he's not worried about what people think! Who else can change from innocent, cute 17 year old 2 dirty biker so rapidly! But he'll always be HOT 2 me! LOVE U CORBIN!!!!


btw my bday is just 1 day b4 his but he is 2 years older than me lol!


HOTTTTT!! corbin is such a sweetheart! he's so respectful and cute and his family home is real close to ours in brooklyn i see him alot and he is a real gentleman we know each other well but one thing he dont know is that i have a BIG FAT crush on him!!!


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i am obsessed with corbin!! he is the finest teen alive. i am going to marry him one day.


I am marrying him cause he is sweet hardworking and most of all H-O-T!!!!!!1


I like Corbin in all his movies and he's much better looking than any other teen actor! I also love his album it's awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When does this movie come out in Oz?

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