Celebrity Fashion Face-Off: Carrie Underwood vs. Kim Kardashian

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While Carrie Underwood and Kim Kardashian are wearing the same dress in the photo below, there's at least one difference between the way these celebrities sport the sparkling outfit.

Okay, make that two (supple, large, milk-producing) differences.

Fashion Mistake

We know who Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford would vote for, but you tell us:

Who looks hotter in this dress, Carrie Underwood or Kim Kardashian?

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Carrie looks classier in the dress, but everything else looks better on Kim- the hair, the coloring, ect. ... also, empire waist doesn't compliment curves, Kim.


Carrie. The coloring is better for Kim, but Kim looks like a hooker with her boobs popping out, fake I might add. It also makes her look heavy, and her legs look fat. I also agree that Carrie needs more on top. Since she's lost weight, she's lost her boobs. When women lose weight, that's usually the first place it leaves, and it takes forever to lose your butt or hips/thighs. I know from experience--actually several lol.


KIM looks better not because she fills it out but for the simple reason that her accessories are more classic and i agree with kinda the gold compliments kim and the gold washes Carrie out because she has pailer skin she needs more pastel colors not bright gaucky colors.


carrie looks nice classy and she is such a lady and that makes her look sexy and beautifull...kim is trashy and boobs everywhere nothing to the imagination but then uh wait doesn't she have a sex tape thats right...she's a whore and has no class i don't like her figure kim is fat


carrie looks 10 times better than that trashy whore, filling out a dress dosen't necessairly mean that it's going to look better on you i'd much rather look classy than trashy and i think that is exactaily what carrie was going for gosh leave a little to the imagination girls!!!


Kim's totally rocking that dress--Carrie doesn't have the figure to pull it off. Also, the gold really works with Kim's complexion and hair colour.


Kim fills out the dress better.


Carrie Underwood. The whole package is better looking!


Carrie Underwood. She doesn't look trashy.