Casey Aldridge: The High School Yearbook Photo

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Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend and baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, was known as a nice kid who stayed out of trouble in high school, but that hasn't stopped Amite Center School from trying to cash in on its connection to him real fast!

Principal Dan Brewer admitted holding out on releasing 2007's yearbook photo of Casey Aldridge so he could get the highest price. Well, that didn't take long. Brewer claims "the school needs money." Saved by the sellout, it sounds like!

Anyway, here's Casey Aldridge from the good ol' days in Gloster, Mississippi ...

Casey Aldridge: The boy who would put a baby in Jamie Lynn Spears.

The son of a Tennessee paper mill worker, Aldridge "played sports" during his days at Amite School Center in Liberty, Miss., the school's secretary says. He graduated in May; it is unconfirmed whether he currently attends college.

It is not clear whether Casey Aldridge is 18 or 19, but what is certain is that he "was real nice," according to secretary Amanda Cothren, who adds: "He was a really sweet person. We didn't have any trouble with him here."

Apparently they don't teach anything about birth control down there at the Amite Center School. Chances are Casey didn't write "Get Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant" on his list of career goals in that yearbook. But who knows.


i from brazil and i like very very jamie and casey


I hate casey, but I love J A M I E.


hey daniel girl do you know casey. omg are you saying that you went or go to the same school as him big OMG!!!


i knew casey last year,he's nothing special,just a guy loving life,go to his school...


Dude Casey Aldridge went to my school and he was awesome.. stop picking on him.. Everyone messes up he's just a pimp and can't help it. I would have hit it too.. He was always having fun and stuff at partys.. We always drank beer together.. so screw you bitches. Let the man live his life..


i really dont think its such a big deal. i mean its not that cool or anything but it's not something anybody should go to jail for.


Now, this is a shame! There are people starving in Africa, being killed in Iraq, an economic crisis in America, and an escalation in global warming; however, this type of information is the only thing worth importance? Such a shame! It's time to break the chains of ignorance and strive to make some meaningful difference in your life and the lives of others. People preach about this being a free country. That is a lie! The Constitution and Declaration are binding contracts. Your are entitled to all that it lists; however, it is your responsiblity and duty to be upstanding and contributing members of society. Stop worrying about meaningless information that will be worthless in five or even three years. Study the classics: Mathematics, philosohpy, sciences, and literature. Remember, there is one statments that makes the rich man weep and the beggar rejoice, and that is: "This too shall pass" Remember, God is love!!!


I don't think anything is wrong. It was a mistakes.
They happen. And if anyone thinks I'm saying this
because I am a teenage mom or something? No.
But the poor girl is human. and so is he. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone dose something really
dumb when there young. Some more severe then
others. But oh well! I wish the best for both of them
and that people would stop judging them for what
has happened. they are going to bring in a wonderful thing into the world.


He should def! go to jail... and yeah he's in college, he's def tapping other girls left and right... the spears family is a tragedy and i personally become more happy with so called "celeb's" mess up like this... I LOVE IT


i think that fool is crazy az hell! Now jaimie lynn is going to turn out like her dumb ass sister! she is only 16. let her live her life 1st b4 u knock her up! Job NOT well done!

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