Candice Crawford Cited For Underage Drinking

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It never stops. The new Miss Missouri USA, Candice Crawford, was recently cited in Columbia, Mo., as a minor in possession of alcohol.

Somewhere, fellow embattled beauty queens Tara Conner, Katie Blair, Ingrid Marie Rivera, Amy Polumbo, Valerie Begue and Katie Rees are smiling.

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And quite possibly getting their drink on!

Candice Crawford, a junior and broadcast journalism major at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.

With her December, 2007 citation for underage possession of alcohol, 20-year-old Candice Crawford became the latest beauty queen to make celebrity gossip news.

The Columbia Missourian's police blotter reads simply:

Candice Crawford, 20, was cited for suspicion of minor in possession at 12:08 a.m. March 16 at Tonic in the 100 block of South Ninth Street.


i think everyone shoukd relax. first of all are all of u saying that u have never drsnk before. big deal everyone does it , it just so happens she got caught. and im sureeee that if u guys had the money u wud all fix ur ugly asses up too. so lay off shes amazing, and has the BESTT personality ever, when we talk she never uses "i" .shes great


Im sure that girl isn't jealous. If what she says is true, why then, I wouldn't want to be Candice Crawford for a second either. Why do people do beauty pagents? For scholarships? Candice is alreay well off financially, right? For fame...ah, I think we just found the answer. She wants what her brother has...


Sounds like someone is extremely jealous of successful people. Get a LIFE!!!!!


Somebody's roaring with envy.


The life of Candice Crawford: Candice Crawford has had a boob job and a nose job.
Candice lies quite often.
Candice like to get her own way.
She's self centered. Conceited, narcisstic and very egotistic as well.
She thinks she'll win the next pagent because her brother is helping her in hollywood spotlight.
I do not believe this girl is a good role model for anyone. Young girls to young adults. Drinking often with her gilfriends under age is wrong. I'm sure her parents paid to cover up that story.
I would love to see Candice without all the plastic and makeup she puts on her face.
I hear through the grape vine that she's a Christian.
Last time I checked, loving God doesn't mean correcting the looks he's given you with plastic and a knife.
Loving your faith doesn't mean self glory.
Get over yourself girl.


I know this girl and she totally did it!
She drinks with her friends all the time.
She's also had like 5 surgeries. Loves the beauty loves the spotlight.

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