Candice Crawford Cited For Underage Drinking

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It never stops. The new Miss Missouri USA, Candice Crawford, was recently cited in Columbia, Mo., as a minor in possession of alcohol.

Somewhere, fellow embattled beauty queens Tara Conner, Katie Blair, Ingrid Marie Rivera, Amy Polumbo, Valerie Begue and Katie Rees are smiling.

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And quite possibly getting their drink on!

Candice Crawford, a junior and broadcast journalism major at the University of Missouri-Columbia, is the sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.

With her December, 2007 citation for underage possession of alcohol, 20-year-old Candice Crawford became the latest beauty queen to make celebrity gossip news.

The Columbia Missourian's police blotter reads simply:

Candice Crawford, 20, was cited for suspicion of minor in possession at 12:08 a.m. March 16 at Tonic in the 100 block of South Ninth Street.

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I think its funny how Candace keeps comming in here and responding to these comments as someone who knows candace VERY WELL. lol and keeps glorifying herself even more, like its not at all obvious. lolol kinda pathertic....creepy, and sad. she stalks...herself lolol


I think she needs a good spanking for this!!!!


So, I met Candice through the pageant. I competed with her. She isn't at all what you people are saying. So, she drank... We've all done it. So, she's had plastic surgery... so what? I haven't but I don't judge who does. It's a personal choice. And Katie... Christians are allowed to have plastic surgery. Just because you have plastic surgery doesn't define your religion. Christians also don't judge and that is what everyone is doing. And being in a pageant is mainly for the scholarship, but it's way beyond that also. You don't even know what the experience is like and how many friends you make from it. It is a great opportunity and experience. That is what pageants are all about. So, get over it and worry about your own life and making yourself happy, because you're obviously are not. I can't wait to see Candice again and congratulating her on a great year. Remember: No one is perfect and no one will ever be :)


There is a lot of jealous haters out there! having a nose or boob job is nothing new in this society, unfortunately it is quite common amongst those entering beauty contests. That aside, she has got a list of achievements that people twice her age would kill for, she seems intelligent and not doing anything out of the ordinary that a 20 somenthing would be doing, the only difference is that she has bitchy, jealous, nasty, insecure haters out there, who wish they had half of what she's got.. or their daughters had!


Wow- Thank you Mr. Erikmyer- One for proving that Frat Rats are in fact Jack Asses and two- for being dumb enough to put your whole name so EVERYONE can see how amazingly "sweet" you are- Bravo my man Bravo.


Wow, Ive never heard so many crazy Jealous B***** in my entire life...Wow she was drinking at a bar w/ friends IN COLLEGE a few months b4 turning 21 and you pyscho's are acting like she's the devil. You guys need to take a step back from your jealous views and keep ridiculous comments to yourselves. I would love to hear a little background on the weirdo's that posted those bitter comments, probably 200 lb and on welfare if i had to gander..


Dedicated to becoming Miss Missouri. It's all about wanting fame. I can't see Candice being a role model. She's not a beautiful person. In fact, she's someone who I would define as fake. She is a walking facade. Im not jealous and I don't think other are either, she simply wants to be famous. It's pretty evident. I hope Ms. Texas wins. She's more unique and beautiful.


You guys are so jealous its sickening. If you actually were friends with her you would know shes a sweetheart and amazing friend. Stop being jealous you're not as talented, smart or beautiful as she is and spend your time making yourself a better person instead of bring other people down who have the dedication it takes to become Miss Missouri USA. You're pretty low people...what if you were in her shoes?


First off, I KNOW HER VERY WELL, and she is the most amazing person you have ever met. She has never done anything wrong, and has always been there for anyone. She is the first person to always say 'hi" to you, and she is the sweetest girl i know. Everyone knows that people make mistakes, she has learned from that mistake and has moved on. She is a wonderful person and i can't say anything more about her. NO ONE can say anything mean about her, she is so nice and deserves the title as Ms USA. please get over the fact that she is so pretty and so nice. she WILL win, and she NEEDS to win. By far she is the best candidate out there. thanks!


i think candice is a facade. she seems like she would have such a fake personality to go along with her fake body. people are talking about how much work that girls has done

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