Ashnessa Causes Scene at McDonald's

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Are Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale turning into Britney Spears before our eyes? Well, they're not total train wrecks (yet), but these young BFFs do seem intent on garnering attention - and gobbling junk food - wherever they go!

The future stars of High School Musical 3 were seen ordering fast food from a drive-thru in Los Angeles this past Saturday - with some amusing results.

The New Vanessa Hudgens

Arriving at a local McDonald's, Ashley Tisdale tried to order a six-piece Chicken McNuggets and a #10 Grilled Chicken Sandwich meal. This soon grew confusing, however, when the photographers tailing Ashley and Vanessa started ordering food items not on the menu, like Burger King Whoppers. Check out the video ...


 Wherever Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens go, chaos follows.

Later, a McDonald's employee gets rather excited about their arrival and exclaims, in reference to the famous celebrity gossip site, "Put me on TMZ! Put me on TMZ!"

Then, referring to Vanessa Hudgens, the McDonald's employee asks, "Wasn't she butt naked somewhere?" Oh yes. This nude photo right here, baby.


Those paps.Need to leave them alone! How dare they bring up V's scandle! And V and Ash looked so sad.


Besides, as you can plainly tell, the poor girls don't even want the attention.


So how does this prove they're turning into Britney? They were being harassed by photographers, but they were just getting food. Poor girls. Fame has its downfalls. :[


ashnessa:best friends


i am your best fan


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i love high school musical and they love me to .


that was horrible. they pretty much just harrassed those girls....and obviously, they were trying to play along at first, which I give them props, but that has to be annoying. And, we wonder why so many papparzzi get hit? It's most likely not even the actors/actresses/singers fault...if they're crowding them like that at every opportunity, I'm suprised MORE of them aren't getting hit. And that was just vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale, who have one major hit to their name.......imagine if it was paris hilton, britney spears, or anyone like that?


Oh my friggin' god! Leave the poor girls alone! Next the papparazzi will all be trying to wipe their butts too! Just give them some time to breathe and enjoy their time away from work too! Treat them how you would want your mother to be treated! GET A LIFE AND A REAL JOB!


Leave the dang girls alone!Its hard for them being basically under constant watch!They have feelings to you know!And as to the nude photos I`m sure everyone has things they wish they had not done.LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE!!!!!Hey how would you feel if everyone was constantly 1.critizising you 2.watching you 3.looking for the smallest flaw in your look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L.E.A.V.E. T.H.E. G.I.R.L.S. A.L.O.N.E. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You papparazzi people are mean,and disrespectful.I feel so bad for those girls.LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!

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