Ashley Tisdale Gets a Nose Job

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Ashley Tisdale can finally exhale. And not just because she's officially signed herself up for High School Musical 3.

The young actress and singer got a nose job on Friday, a procedure that she was less than enthused to undergo.

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"Growing up I always knew I had a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which caused trouble breathing," Ashley Tisdale told People. "The older I got, the worse it got. I went to get it checked out, and the doctor told me the septum was 80 percent deviated and that I had two small fractures on my nose."

As a result of the operation, Ashley isn't feeling her best. Let's hope boyfriend Jared Murillo is bringing her a lot of chicken soup.

"I'm not feeling great today. It's uncomfortable and I hope this is the only time I ever have to go through something like this."

Tisdale's mother, Lisa, was by her side during the five-hour procedure. Still, Tisdale says, every step of the way "I was completely scared. I wasn't looking forward to the surgery at all. I actually had trouble sleeping for a week before."

The cute and talented Ashley Tisdale was also quick to point out that she doesn't advocate plastic surgery for vanity's sake:

"I didn't do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose. I want my fans to know the truth. I'm not someone who is going to act like I had nothing done. I just want to be honest because my fans are everything to me."


I think Ahsley made the right choice if she suffers breathing problems.It is good thinking to get surgery to make it better.Says Olivia.I am Ashleys no. #1 fan.


Ashley is not a bad person! She is kind and sweet! I love her so much! her nose job was not celebrity! It was health. Please believe me, I speak the truth! luv, portia to Ashley her selfe!


this is so sweet!


ashwee tisdale is very nice in person but doesnt make correctomundo choices with her nose jobs i mean i got a nose job and if your gonna get a nose job you might wantt to go to dr. dandona who is an orthodonist or may i espescially recommend dr. donna who is geneicologist!
please take my advice and got to either of those ppl but please be nice to ashwee cuz shes my sis and i said so and also please i mean please go tot it will get you the way to look beautiful i said good day dady good day dady okdokey artichoke adios amigos!


WHAT!!! how can she get a nose job!!! Her nose is just fine. now its an ugly nose. you should not get things like that unless you have a top of the charts reason!!!!! I mean don't go and spend all your money that you have gotten from all that work and get a nasty nose that you have to get readone every darn two months or something like that, but it's hollywood. you can't trust anything! So if you din't get the supid nose good for you. but if you did, SHAME!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!( show my a pic if you looked soo.. ugly that you had to get a fake nose.) oh whel, i'm going to let it go!!!


Surgery for a deviated septum will yield no visible results. It is a completely internal procedure. If she is telling the truth, we will see no difference in the appearance of her nose. Otherwise, she is lying.


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