Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker Stroll Through New York

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Tennis star and bona fide stud Andy Roddick holds hands with a his blonde companion - Brooklyn Decker - Tuesday near Union Square, New York City.

Roddick and Brooklyn Decker stopped at a local Starbucks to relax and read the newspaper before having lunch at the Union Square Coffee Shop...

Brooklyn Decker, Andy Roddick's Wife

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker walk hand-in-hand through New York.

The Hollywood Gossip wasn't sure at first if this mystery companion was in fact Decker, a model linked to Roddick earlier this fall. But it has now been confirmed - one very hot sighting of Brooklyn in Manhattan!

And one thing we know for sure - Andy Roddick is far less controversial than his fellow A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) as far as New York sports fans are concerned.


I heard Tim Gunn is like a total stalker. We heard at a party he waited 5 hours outside in the cold to follow a man he is obsessed with all the way from his 38th Street apartment to Rockfeller Center! The poor man almost caught Tim when he turned around. Tim is sooooooo pathetic he does this all the time. He goes to the party and brags to everyone he dates the man he stalks and he doesn't we know he doesn't! Stop lying Tim!


Totally saw Andy with Tim at the 17th St. Starbucks all lovey dovey for brunch (last Saturday Nov. 22nd!) We stood in line directly near them. Tim whispered to Andy as he held his hand that he wanted to share a muffin with their lattes. Then they went out the door as they talked about knitting on Tim's new machine. Andy said to use needle #2 for its width.


Wonder when Andy Roddick is gonna shave his beard live on Project Runway?


Totally saw these two at Coffee Shop for brunch today (Sunday Jan. 20th! We sat directly beside their booth. Then they went to Barnes and Nobles as they embraced themselves.

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Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker
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