Andy Baldwin Puts the Moves on Marla Maples

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Tessa Horst? Just a faint Bachelor memory.

Sepideh Haftgoli? A (Miss Iran play) thing of the past.

Doctor, U.S. Navy Lieutenant and very eligible hunk Andy Baldwin has moved on to greener pastures... in more ways than one. That's Donald Trump's second ex-wife, Marla Maples, that Baldwin is putting the moves on below. WTF!?

Andy Baldwin: Lookin' for The Donald's sloppy seconds with Marla Maples?

The couple was spotted looking awfully cozy at a skating rink in New York's Central Park - a rink that happens to bear the name of ... well, Donald Trump.

Heck, this guy gets around like Lindsay Lohan in Italy. Well, not that bad. But seriously now. What's next? Brad Womack getting his game on with Oprah?


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Dude! What were you thinking! Tess is THE girl! She looks and sounds like a genuine girl who is not a fake ass as the iranian chick and Donald's ex barbie doll.
OR on the other hand maybe she's too good for you!
If I had a fiancee such as Tess, I'd leave the Navy and be with her 24/7....what a waste!


marmars girl - You seem to want to indicate you are friends with Tessa. If so, you would know that things were 'over' between Andy and Tessa by the time he was seen cavorting in the public park and spending time with someone else on New Year's Eve. Andy wasn't seen in 'close contact' with other women when Tessa was still in the picture. I thought it was common to wear Speedos when one was in competitive swimming. Also, there were also hundreds of others besides Andy in their underwear celebrating the Kona event. It is difficult to criticize Andy alone for this.


To n smith---It wasn't Tessa who was cavorting in a public park with arms around someone else. It wasn't Tessa "canoodeling with someone else in New York on New years eve. It wasn't Tessa jumping over fire like a teenager on YouTube, or running in her underwear, or posing in speedos for all the world to measure his wee wee. And peole who know Tessa would never say the things you have said about her. She's a lovely young woman and even Andy says he met a wonderful woman, (Tessa) just recently. Too bad he didn't pay more attention to her and less attention to his "celebrity" and his body.


Just to set the record straight, Alisha, it was Tessa that ended the relationship from Bachelor 10. By some accounts it was commitment problems but ground truth is hard to come by.


I've lost all respect for Lt. Andy Baldwin. He's just a womanizer.



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