Alex Rodriguez Hires New Image Guru

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Having been raked over the coals by unforgiving fans for the way he handled his contract negotiations, as well as for some general douchebag-like qualities, Alex Rodriguez doesn't want to bobble the ball again in the clutch, so to speak.

As a result, the star Yankees slugger has hired Madonna's manager to improve his image. Which, in The Hollywood Gossip's opinion, only goes to show he is a politician who cares about his image more than being genuine. But we digress.

"As I embark on this new chapter in my career," A-Rod tells Variety, "I know I have found someone... who has earned a lot of respect in the entertainment industry."

Alex may have forgotten that he plays baseball. But, we digress again. On the flip side, of course, professional sports are indeed entertainment, as the national fan and media fascination with the Mitchell Report showed over the past week.

Alex Rodriguez smiles... possibly because Guy Oseary told him to do so.

The makeover consultant for A-Rod, who this week denied taking steroids, is Guy Oseary, whose star clients also include David Blaine and Lenny Kravitz.

So what's this Guy's game plan for the superstar third baseman?

"To help [Alex Rodriguez] have more control of his image and brand" and explore the "endless possibilities" for baseball's highest-paid player.

Could one of those "possibilities" include a World Series ring? We doubt it! Could one be Cynthia Rodriguez bikini photos? We sure hope so!

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hi Alex, nice smile bro, we have same mother's name , my mother fam name is rodriguez we are from philippines. You are my idol i enjoy viewing your photos. continue to be more energetic and active in your sports. Take care and God Bless you and your fam. Best regards, Anna
(tagged name is nitskie R (R means Rodriguez)


OK, now this makes sense. Blaine knows Arod through Guy Oseary. WTF? Conficker flickers but Yankee Alex Rodriguez and alchemist/yogic practitioner David Blaine will be appearing today somewhere in Miami?...Signing copies of Selena Robert's A-Rod book? Our BlackBerry has been going nuts for 15 minutes. The location has not been announced by HarperCollins. The Blitz had heard yesterday that David and Alex were seen at the Eagle County Airport - but this?