Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens: Just Do It

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Forget Vanessa Hudgens naked pictures.

Zac Efron doesn't need these props to help him get started. After all, the actor is just 21 years old. He's ready to get it on at any time, enticing photos meant to rev his engine be damned.

That's the message the High School Musical star relayed to the public earlier this week, as he and his girlfriend were spotted holding hands. Just Do It, Zac's shirt says.

And we all know to what he's referring. Vanessa is in for a wild ride tonight!

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yuor so hot zac eforn!!!


Zashley NOOOOOO Zanessa YEEEEESS it wub b evn great if dey gt married mn dat'l b cool. LUV U Z AND V XXXX


ur welcome V, and it is not fair 4 u people to be judgeing them like that because u gurls dont know them and they do know u. I am just happy that they love each other, and that is all that matters. Because we really need a lot of luv on this CRAZY world. And all I could do is use my voice and tell people to STOP talking about them like they know them because they don't. And focus on critisizing people that they do know,and have problem with. And I aint gonna front okay, Zac is sooooooooooo HOT. And I do know most of u gurls do agree with me. Vanessa is soooooo lucky because she is dateing probably the 6th HOTest guy in the world!!!!!:)
so people will write bad things about u guys because itz HOLLYWOOD and u guys choose that life because u love it.
But I do not agree with them!!!!!!!:)


I Love These Sites they make about me & Zac
They`re Awsome!
you can all think what you want to think about me
i aint mean soo i aint going to call you nothing
oh And thank YOU luvly ^ For sticking Up for me, I APOLAGISED
half you guys dont even know me!
Soo Whats The Point of Judging Me
Zac & me Getting Married??
I Doubt it VERY Much But You Never Know
SOMEDAY Maybe. It WOULD Be a dream come true
I LOVE YOU ZAC you look hot in the photos
New years eve was awsome babe!
Ayye El You
Remember That Zac, Funny Haha ily babeyy
I Wish I could come back from utah sooner,
Just to see you.


you guys are sooooooooooooo stupid I mean Vanessa is with Zac Efron and you girls need to just DEAL with it!!!!!!!!!!!
you girls dont even know him, AND HE IS NOT UR MAN. They are not virgins do you guys get that, they f*ck each other OK. They have SEX.Because they are old enough to do what to do, and it none of yoour business. And those nude pics that she took, she was sending them to Austraila to Zac when he was shooting Hair Spray, as a surprise. And they suposedly got in the wrong hands, and then ended up all over the internet. So its not her fault. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(




Why do you guys hate her so much.. i mean it's not like you guys are evr gonna get the chance to date him. if you love him like you say yall do you'd understand vanessa makes him happy. vanessa is beautiful, and he is sexy. Ashley a wonderful girl to and she is dating jared. so it works out for the best. you ppl dont even know her so BACK OFF. he loves her and they are young let them hang out p.s. za lover he is not YOUR MAN you are stupid goodness


some of u girls a bitches he's just a nice guy so stop being so mean if u dont like him then dont post stuff that would make him feel bad and your fat and u-g-l-y and as a big ass i love u zac efron


I hope you and zannessa will not break up.I love you all very much.muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


you guys are soooooooo wrong i know vannesa stole OUR MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! but she does look good with him she is more in2 him than he is her curse u vannesa get your dirty hands off OUR MAN!!!!!!!!!!! i mean it he doesn't like u as much as u like him I LOVE U ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beat that girls heheheheheh