Two Men Shot Inside Les Deux Last Night

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Usually, the only shots fired at L.A. hot spot Les Deux are the verbal barbs traded by Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad. Not last night.

The swanky lounge best known for catfights and parking lot brawls involving rich, hot and usually drunk girls gained far greater notoriety last night when two men were seriously injured after being shot - inside the club.

Two individuals were shot - one in the leg, and the other twice, both shots hitting him in the gut. The assailant then ran into the Les Deux parking lot and attempted to shoot a third man, who was not wounded, authorities report.

Last night, Les Deux was the site of serious drama - a pair of shootings.

The LAPD issued a statement saying that both shooting victims were taken to the hospital for surgery and are recovering. No arrests have been made.

Man, and we thought Britney Spears giving Tony Romo a lap dance at Les Deux a month ago was scandalous news. That place is totally off the chain ... and probably should consider investing in some metal detectors at some point.


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