Tiffany Bromley: Michael Buble Cheated on Emily Blunt

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Singer Michael Buble is accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Emily Blunt, by the alleged other woman herself! That skank's name? Tiffany Bromley.

To prove her allegations, Tiffany Bromley snapped some camera phone pics of Michael Buble, one of which you can see below. Talk about revealing!

Michael Buble naked: The camera phone pics do not lie ... or do they?!

Michael Buble Naked

Michael Buble has been branded a "love rat" by a blonde who claims to have been enjoying secret sex sessions with him for years - and behind Blunt's back.

Tiffany Bromley, 28, says she has even enjoyed a sex romp in the very flat he shares with the hot British star of The Devil Wears Prada and other films.

Bromley, not mincing words, recently told the Globe: "Michael is a cheater and a rat."

"We've made mad, passionate love a couple of times since he and Emily have been together. The last time was August 17 in the apartment they share in Vancouver."

The blonde rates Michael Buble, the Canadian crooner, "an 11 out of 10" in bed - and says he once suggested a threesome. "I told him, 'No way!'"

"He said, 'Don't knock it till [sic] you've tried it. You don't know what you're missing.'"

Tiffany Bromley claims that she hasn't seen Michael Buble since she took these camera phone pics of him - then took off with one of his shirts. What a sucker!

Of course, there's no proof that these supposedly scandalous pictures of Michael Buble were taken while he and Emily Blunt were together. But who cares, right, Tiffany?

If it's in the name of a good scandal, fools will speculate away.


First of all....if he even did cheat, how can he not...crazy beautiful sexy hot women are literally laying down in front of him with their legs open, saying please please just do me can he not....(thats if he even did cheat) and you dont know whats goin on with he and emily....what if their having some problems ....maybe they have some sort of deal worked out(lol) he's known for LOVING chicks....he just has a whole lotta love to give...(if he cheated)....


Why would girls sleep with someone who is rumored to be a ladies man? Then complian about being thrown out like a rag? What do you expect? A womanizer will likely just have sex with you and move on to his next conquest. That's like knowing the oven is hot, and warned about it repeatedly and still get burned and complian about it. The answer is simple..Woman have no common sense. or you girls are golddiggers hoping to land a rich man.


hi i just wanted to clear something up too and come out and speak openly about this matter. i am michael buble's pillow, located in the bedroom of his Vancouver home and i would just like to confirm that Tiffany and Michael both used me on the alleged night of passionate lovemaking. i was there and i wiitnessed the whole thing, wild sex and then some intimate pillow talk.


well hello dr.dread or should i say tim? funny how ya put tiffany down , it seems like only yesterday you were telling me on the phone how much you loved her.I guess what you wanted most was tiffany , but we all saw how that worked out.


michael just got into town yesterday he was seen getting into a cab, the picture was in 24. Guess who else was spotted in town?...Tiffany Bromley!!... You goin for a repeat performance michael?


michael buble is just proof that he is human (not to excuse anyone who cheats on their partner) it doesnt make me lose any respect for him, however, as an artist. he's still great at what he does and i love his music. if anyone is in it for five seconds of fame, money, whatever, then i believe what goes around comes around and in the end those with an alterior motive will get what they deserve. it doesnt matter if its buble or the guy/girl next door we're all human and do stupid things from time to time. nobody's perfect. as long as he still sings the same thats all i'm worried about.. really. its not worth getting angry over. life is way too short to let other people's dirty laundry affect us. like we dont have our own problems to worry about.


Michael Buble is so not a rat. He doesnt need Emily right now hes at the top of his career and deserves to have fun and enjoy his life right now. So leave him alone


I don't believe a word of it and these are not recent pictures.
Anyway I just saw Emily back stage at his London show two days ago, she would hardly be there if he had cheated on her. What people will not do for easy money!!




you ladies need to get your heads out of your behinds, dont knock tiffany just cause you lack a life check michaels tour log , he was not in concert till after aug 17 on the next week at the greek theatre in los angeles. get a life ladies think before ya talk.

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