Tiffany Bromley: Michael Buble Cheated on Emily Blunt

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Singer Michael Buble is accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Emily Blunt, by the alleged other woman herself! That skank's name? Tiffany Bromley.

To prove her allegations, Tiffany Bromley snapped some camera phone pics of Michael Buble, one of which you can see below. Talk about revealing!

Michael Buble naked: The camera phone pics do not lie ... or do they?!

Michael Buble Naked

Michael Buble has been branded a "love rat" by a blonde who claims to have been enjoying secret sex sessions with him for years - and behind Blunt's back.

Tiffany Bromley, 28, says she has even enjoyed a sex romp in the very flat he shares with the hot British star of The Devil Wears Prada and other films.

Bromley, not mincing words, recently told the Globe: "Michael is a cheater and a rat."

"We've made mad, passionate love a couple of times since he and Emily have been together. The last time was August 17 in the apartment they share in Vancouver."

The blonde rates Michael Buble, the Canadian crooner, "an 11 out of 10" in bed - and says he once suggested a threesome. "I told him, 'No way!'"

"He said, 'Don't knock it till [sic] you've tried it. You don't know what you're missing.'"

Tiffany Bromley claims that she hasn't seen Michael Buble since she took these camera phone pics of him - then took off with one of his shirts. What a sucker!

Of course, there's no proof that these supposedly scandalous pictures of Michael Buble were taken while he and Emily Blunt were together. But who cares, right, Tiffany?

If it's in the name of a good scandal, fools will speculate away.


i can't stand up for this tiffany girl's character as i don't know her, but what i do know is buble slept with one of my friends while here in Perth, WA - and i'm sure she's not the only one.


i've looked at the pictures over and over again...and some thing is just a bit off of the picutre with him the's very subtle but nonetheless questionable...notice the hair line and the the jaw bone...the guy in the colour picture has a noticabley higher receding hair line and very pronounce jawbone... whatever the case to each his own...but if it's really him, I'm very a very disappointed fan. This Tiffany chick is not a nice...obviously she had her motives...who does this, takes photos, and brags about it?!?


Look, people can go on and on about whether or not he did it, but the truth is simple. We don't know him personally, therefore we cannot judge him. No one knows if this is true other then Michael himself or that bitch Tiffany. I do find it a little pathetic that she calls him a rat, but she was the one doing a guy with a serious girlfriend. I dont care how good the sex is, or that it's Michael Buble, she is just as bad as he is, presuming that this is true.
If he did do it, it was only a matter of time before he cracked. I mean, come on, look at the guy, he could do anyone. (which also leads me to think that she is lying, because she is not the cutest.)


You guys actually believe this crap? LOL


Get over it already! I believe that Michael has lived his professional life developing his great talent with family and sponsors who love his timeless music. We, his fans, are all pretty entralled with him and his amazing band. I have Michael's cds in my car along with those of Russell Watson who will hopefully be back on the charts soon. My father was a World War II Vet so we listened to
those smooth tunes of the post' war periods. Continue to entertain us, Michael!! Dawn


This girl / whore is from Vancouver (his hometown) -she is a total sleeze. She is always dating guys for money - trying to be a "model", she'll sue anyone / anything to make money…I am SOOO not surprised she did this - I am sure her intent the entire time was to take pictures to make money


wow, i just read the above responses from so called 'jilted' lovers, all proclaiming micheal buble to be a cheating rat. OK, so where is your role and YOUR responsibility in your involvement with him. did you all really think you were 'the one'? or do you think, that just maybe, you all were thinking, 'ooooh, i'm sleeping with micheal buble'. i find it ever so mystifying, that you all seem to think you had no responsibility in sleeping with someone else's boyfriend, and whine when reality reared it's ugly head. you all, whoever the hell you are, should have realised that you mess with the entertaiment industry, that you, had motives as well. karma. what goes around , comes around. you should be just glad to have crossed paths with him and enjoyed the time you had. all you who bad mouthed him 'after' sleeping with him, are insecure and childish. to have cherished your moment and kept it to yourself , would have showed some integrity at the least.


what is wrong with people that call this guy a cheat? he's frigging SINGLE, in case anyone who judges him cares to notice.
nevertheless; it's pretty obvious that JEALOUSY is playing a HUGE role in Ms. Bromely's attempts to slander Buble, who is nothing but a victim of a jilted lover. my advice? GROW UP, Ms. bromely. have you ever watched sex and the city? then listen up: 'HE'S JUST NOT INTO YOU'


Frankly I really don't care if he slept with her or not... I still have to wake up tomorrow and go to work, does not change a freaking thing in my life and I will still listen to his music because he's a fine singer... And if I was at a show and I was propositioned by this man.. heck I wouldn't say no... and I would certain know that it's just a night of hot sex between to consenting adults and it will not go further and there will be no sweep you off your feet whirlwind romance... It's been nice Michael have a nice tour, thanks for the memories. I think Tiffany is a woman scorned who ended up being the other woman and is pissed because she never will be his woman. Move on, you'll find someone else, who's not a star and will love you for who you are.


So....i have the comment directly above this one and i am an idiot and i put my actual name where it says Name: (required), apparently i'm an idiot and just thought it was for educational purposes for the people that run the website and it wasnt going to posted ALL OVER THE whoever doesnt like my comment please dont come find me and killl me dead because your crazy...thanks :)

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