The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, Uncut!

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Tomorrow we're gonna get up and f-ck again.
- Ray J, to close the preview for Kim Kardashian Superstar 2

Yes, folks, you read the above quote and attribution correctly.

Those soothing, alluring words of Ray J are part of the uncut, unedited, unclothed version of the original Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Vivid Entertainment just released the following statement regarding the follow-up to the now-infamous sex tape, Kim Kardashian Superstar:

The uncut version of Kim Kardashian Superstar runs over 100 minutes and features over an hour of never-before-seen footage. A trailer on the site promises added sex scenes and candid footage of Hollywood socialite Kardashian and her then-boyfriend, ex-child actor and hip-hop artist Ray J.

The revamped website also includes a scandalous voicemail message from Kim to Ray J recorded just after Kardashian found out about the release of the sex tape.

The company has most likely released this video in response to the forthcoming Amy Fisher sex tape. Which do you think will sell better?

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape, Uncut

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