The Jonas Brothers Honored, Look Adorable

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Turns out The Jonas Brothers are more than just a trio of cute faces.

The boy band was honored at the prestigious CosmoGIRL! Born to Lead Awards last night, an event held at NYC's Hearst Tower.

At Their Premiere

The pop rock group received an award at the ceremony for making their personal dreams come true, while eliciting a positive change in their communities.

Kim Kardashian was also honored for increasing local convenience store sales around the country with her naked Playboy pictorial.

Just kidding.

But we're serious that The Jonas Brothers will be performing at the 2007 American Music Awards, airing on Sunday, November 18 on ABC. Prepare to check out these studs in action!


well i think they are fffffiiiiiinnnneeeeeeeee. I dont know about yall?


Wow They are such nice boys and there so talented and deserve this so much theyve changed my life so much and thank them so much for it. Theyve been therw so much form all the haters like the comment right there to Nicks Diabetes. They may be an updated version of the hanson brothers but u no wut "Warren Neosporin" there makin 10x more money then u :}


What a bunch of cock smokers... Is this an updated version of Hanson????


The Jonas Brothers Biography

At Their Premiere
The Jonas Brothers are a new pop band being pushed hard by Disney. The group consists of Kevin, Joseph and Nick. We needn't tell you... More »
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The Jonas Brothers