The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 6

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Welcome, celebrity news readers around the world, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our site's funny Friday tradition. Let's take a look at who won this week's contest, featuring the bootylicious Kim Kardashian ...

It was a record week with 30 captions sent in, but we chose fatty boom boom as the winner. Nice work! The winning caption appears beneath the picture. To read the full list of submissions, scroll down. Good luck again this week!

Kim for Glamour

"The gravitational pull on my ass is too strong ... its taking me down!" 

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Kim: I'm gonna rip a fart right here!
Bystander: Jack Black would be proud Kim!
Kim: Proud my ass! He'll be jealous!


You're not a real celebrity unless you poop diamonds... poor baby, trying sooooo hard....


kim takes a krap


"Just a sec honey, it's almost there..."


Ooopppss... I can't wait to go to the bathroom. I'll just do it here! Make sure there's no paparazzi!


the gravitational pull on my ass is too strong...its taking me down!!!!


Gimme, Gimme MORE!


"Oh wait, I think I know where my keys are."


"Ready....... aim......."


Kim stoops to a new low.