The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 4

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Welcome, celebrity news and gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, a fun Friday afternoon tradition. Let's take a look at who won this week's edition of the contest, the fourth since its inception.

This week's Caption Contest certainly did not disappoint. In the end, we chose upsonite as the winner. Congratulations and good luck again this week! The winning caption appears beneath this funny celebrity photo of Lauren Conrad. Scroll down the page for the complete list of captions we received.

Gorgeous LC

"Laguna Breached!"

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Where's me spinach?


OH MY GOD! There's a four year old wearing my outfit! This is what I get for shopping in the little girls' section at K-mart!

Avatar the exact moment she realizes that her stylist was WRONG and a buttplug was NOT a required accessory for a cheap-ass sailor suit!


Against all advice, Lauren Conrad decides to bring back the Shirley Temple look!
"On the good ship Lunatics...."


She looks so pretty i like here i always see her on tv she is better than (Heidi)nothing more to say


Head down, head down... Heidi ahoy...


oohhh, damn sailors! they give me wedgees! do you think anyone can see me, picking it out? wait they will take pictures coz my ass looks like heidi's face!


do you think i'm skinny enough? wait, i think so. HELP ME! this zipper is killing me, quite literally!


"YOURKIDDING!! Heidi wore the same outfit as me? but she added a seashell bra!! That cant be!! Here - help me, I got some fairy wings behind the zipper. Yes! I am aware that fairy wings dont have anything to do with being a sailor...Just do it!!"


what can you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning... at Hyde!?