The Hills Recap: Whitney Gets a Date, Heidi Gets Irate

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As last night's episode of The Hills got underway, Spencer Pratt seethed as Heidi Montag dragged him to a church to discuss their upcoming wedding.

Miss Heidi found the perfect church ... at least in her opinion. Spencer seemed more uncomfortable - and like a bigger assbag - than ever before.

But more on that loser in a moment. Elsewhere in SoCal, Lauren Conrad hit the gym with BFFs, Whitney Port and Audrina Partridge. That's when Whitney got her game on and scored herself a date a guy: their trainer, Jarett!

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP NOTE: Jarett is totally this guy!

Whitney and Jarett - who was trying way, way too hard on their date, but still seems like a decent fella - enjoyed a fun time. Although no kisses were doled out at the end, so Whit was left thinking there was more of a "friend vibe." Whatevs.

Whitney Port and Heidi Montag dominated last night's episode of The Hills.

Still, it was nice to get a glimpse into the love life of Whitney Port, a facet of The Hills that is rarely explored. She got out of a relationship this May. We've heard that Whit and E! Online's Ben Lyons are dating now, but this is not confirmed.

Meanwhile, Heidi comes home from work at Bolthouse Productions to find that Spencer has packed two suitcases. They're off to Vegas, Spencer announces ... for a wedding! This weekend! Heidi tweaks, Spencer squirms, they fight, she takes off that fake-ass $125 "engagement" ring and Spence walks out.

Of course, the next day, Spencer came crawling back with a dozen roses and said sorry, declaring to Heidi that "I want to marry you... I just get stressed out when I think of the big production when all I want to do is marry you."

It would almost be sweet if it weren't Spencer Pratt we're talking about.

Coming up next on The Hills... the she-Spencer. That's right, fans. Spencer Pratt has a younger sister! As Lauren puts it, "The only thing worse than Spencer is a she-version of Spencer." Should be a quality episode... as they all are.


I love Whitney! I'm glad she got more air time.
Team LC all the way. She-pratt got her 15min of fame and now needs to get stepin'. Remember how Spencer went up to Lauren/Jason @ Ketchup and saying something about them BUT SPENCER never even MET JASON before. Thats how I felt when she-pratt went up to Lauren/Audrina. The Pratts need to keep their mouths shut and go get lost in Croatia or Tibet. Please MTV, quit giving them air time!


Heidi stupid to put that ring back on her finger.Spencer is a f-in playa. Spencer is so stupid to bring his sister on the show. Nobody get married after 1 year relationship. Hey Lauren is smart enough to end the relationship with Jason unlike Heidi, maybe Lauren should make up rumors about Heidi that would be funny!


Oh my gosh a she version of spencer and she is worse than him. That is none of her buisness it's between heidi,spencer,lauren, and jason.


spencer is a jerk.he has to get his sister to fight his pathetic.heidi just shows everyone is right.she knew and went alone with what spencer did.i hope i never meet heidi in person.i would tell her to her face what i thought of her and i don't need to get someone to do my dirty work.i am woman enough to do it my self face to face.she is as pathetic as spencer is.


she-spencer is also pathetic like her brother!! may b she so wants tu come on tv and get a break...dat y she s trying so hard to get attention! wat a total loser n sumbody give her a sympathy glance at least. i m on team lauren! shes a great person and a friend. heidi is sure desparate to go out wid someone like spencer....ugly and stinky personality!!! n please heidi have a mind of ur own and dunt let big head spencer boss u around. hes a sissy and a sad person tu have spread dat rumors abt lauren. he n she spencer r both miserable to try tu get attention da wrong way!!


I love lauren, she is the coolest!

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