The Hills Recap: Heidi & Lauren Meet, Bicker at Last

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Last night on The Hills, the main subject matter was - take a wild guess - the Lauren Conrad sex tape rumors! Amazing! Who would have thought.

This time, though, Lauren and Heidi finally had it out - face-to-face and IM-to-IM - over the rumors Heidi and Spencer Pratt allegedly started about the (most likely non-existent) tape featuring Lauren having sex with Jason Wahler.

The showdown took place at the Declare Yourself event - held to reach out to politically-involved young Hollywood - when Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port were covering the event for Teen Vogue and in walked Heidi Montag.

Both girls were armed with trusty companions - LC with Whitney Port, and Heidi with one of her Bolthouse co-workers - and their share of harsh words.

Speaking for the first time in months, Heidi acted like all is well, and in the past, while Lauren Conrad stewed. Montag insisted she wasn't involved in spreading rumors, though she didn't exactly deny Spencer Pratt had a role in it.

LC stared down a babbling Heidi Montag before calmly saying that she's willing to talk ... if Heidi's willing to apologize. Oh snap. Whitney Port's response after the spat: "Is this horrible for you? This must be horrible for you." A nice friend.

Heidi Montag vs. Lauren Conrad: Going at it again over sex tape rumors!

The next day, in a flashback to 11th grade, Lauren went to work only to find an iChat message waiting to her from Heidi as Whitney looked on, bemused. "We need to talk," it read. OMG. The Hollywood Gossip staff was totally ROTFL.

Despite her disgust, LC agreed to invite the evil one over to the apartment they once lived in together. In a bogus display of burying The Hills hatchet, Heidi brought Lauren Conrad some flowers and a year's supply of cheese. Seriously, you should have heard some of this girl's unapologetic apologetic remarks.

As Heidi sort of said sorry while continuing to neither confirm nor deny Spencer Pratt's actions, Lauren Conrad responded, "I want to forgive ... and forget you."

And there you have it. Elsewhere, Audrina Patridge and Justin Brescia - who we now know are broken up - hit a rough patch. Fortunately, she was too busy working assisting Sean Kingston after being promoted at Epic Records.

Audrina's (cute) co-worker played a positive role in helping our girl see there's a lot more to life than that belching, mumbling, dreadlocked loser Justin-Bobby. We can't wait for The Hills episode chronicling their final fight.




heidi you are so wrong.lauren was your BF and you stood by while your man hurt her.she may have not like spencer but she didn't do anything to hurt i guess you will not have a friend unless spencer saids it ok.he will start picking your friends for you.he try to control everything even your wedding.all he wants is to win.i think he would go as far as to marry you to keep you and lauren from being friends again.he hates her that much.why because she sees him for what he really is blind.when you went to talk to say you were sorry.i didn't believe anything you said.i think that you know that everyone is on lauren side on this and you need FANS to be on your side.yes its getting old but i'm sure you and spencer will come up with something to put the spot light on you two.


I hate Spencer. He is the devil. I mean we all saw how evil he was last season trying as hard he could to break up their friendship so he could have Heidi all to himself. Everytime you turned around he was talking stuff to Heidi about LC. And to my amazement it worked, Heidi fell for it hook line and sinker. He talked so much stuff that it started rubbing off on Heidi. When Spencer and Heidi saw LC at dinner with her ex they were still talking about the sex tape... on the show. So we know they are responsible. I mean if I was LC I wouldn't want to open myself up to get hurt again either. Heidi is starting to be as backstabbing as Spencer.....Like when she stole the job that she wouldn't even would have known about from a person that deserved the position more and probably would of had the time to commit to it. Spencer and Heidi deserve each other. Lauren should just sit back and watch the train wreck happen.


team lc*
seriously heidi is beyond selfish.
the only reason why she is trying to
become friends again with lc because
she is getting BORED with just dealing
with Spencer. Completely Pathetic! &&LC is not dumb or childish.
she is totally over it.


SHAYSTEE : Yes they are not in high school. Heidi should realize that, then she should be matured enough to realize that she has her faults in the situation as well. You do not go on radio stations and celebrity magazines bashing your former BFF for millions to hear and read to extend your 15 minutes of fame. And go apologize and say that your are innocent and have no control of what your boyfriend does????? Lauren acknowledge Heidi's effort for making amends but Heidi did not really apologize sincerely. I just think that she just want to have some true girl friends again. She only has Spencer and she knows that she can keep her fame if she is still connected to Lauren somehow. Sick....but true.


I dont why everyone wants LC and heidi to be friends again. lauren is not being childish. Lauren wants to move on and to better friends like Lo. Whitney, and Audrina, and her other friends. Heidi and Spencer should appreciate Lauren for making their ugly asses famous. I Agree with Shiela. Plus Spencer even makes fun of LC Dad And that is crossing the line cuz he is getting to personal.


Lauren really needs to get over it. I fully support Heidi for trying. Lauren needs to realize that this aint high school anymore girlfights are so childish.
My advice to her is she needs to grow up and stop and think that people makes mistakes. Whatever Spencer did is none of Heidi's control.


I don't think Lauren is being childish, just guarded. She was mature enough to accept Heidi's hear Heidi out, and she even acknowledged how difficult it must have been for Heidi to come talk to her. I get the trust issues that she has. Sometimes even if you agree to forgive someone, it isn't worth the risk to let them back into your life when they've burned you so badly in the past.

Avatar can you really forget when your former BF and her fiance have gone to all lengths like radio station bashing you and calling you names. Have you read Spencer's blog on Lauren. He went as far as describing her privy and making fun of it. You honestly think that can be forgotten????? Not only does Lauren have to deal with the sex tape drama but having people call her beef curtains because Spencer wrote it down and has been nicknamed "Beef Curtains" on sites like, TMZ and other celebrity cites. We only see portions of what happened and obviously it affected Lauren very much so ....... she was game enough to talk to her but as she said.....she will forgive but will like to forget that Heidi even existed.


Okay, here's the deal. Lauren needs to grow up and SEE that Heidi is trying to make this right. Heidi was the stronger person by making the attempt to begin with. Obviously Lauren still has some what of a heart for Heidi because she was upset when she jumped all over Audrina about Justin nut job Bobby. I think that Heidi needs to dump Spencer, and reconcile with Lauren and that they both should move on and either be friends or just say that they made an attempt and quit the childish B.S.

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