The Britney Spears Retirement Plan

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In case you missed it, some bombshell news came out of the personal finance world last week, Money Magazine reports. No, not the Federal Reserve's prime interest rate cut or the record-breaking price of crude oil nearing $100 a barrel.

We're talking about Britney Spears. Girl isn't saving for retirement!

Although the 25-year old pop star is hauling in some $737,000 a month from album sales, royalties and endorsements, she's not saving or investing a penny.

More than $100,000 a month goes to entertainment, gifts and vacations.

While most of us may be shocked by such excesses, Britney Spears' spending habits are actually pretty normal. The majority of American 20-somethings don't save.

Assuming the mother of Sean Preston and Jayden James could somehow scrape by on 70-80 percent of her pre-retirement income while in retirement - or just about $590,000 a month in today's dollars - Spears would have to put away a mere 8 percent of her earnings to save over $300 million by age 65.

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