Susie Field: Jan Adams Assaulted Me

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Jan Adams has almost as many legal problems as Kevin Federline and Shar Jackson have kids.

The latest to be uncovered by TMZ? Court documents filed by Susie Field, the ex-wife of Dr. Adams, that say he physically assaulted her during their marriage.

According to the paperwork, Field claims on November 23, 2006, Dr. Adams became upset with Susie for taking a phone call during dinner. Susie claims: "He wanted to speak to whomever was calling me."

They began arguing and went up to the bedroom. According to the document, Dr. Adams was yelling: "I'm going to f**king kill you. I'm going to beat you. You need to be beaten." Susie claims Dr. Adams then "swung his right closed fist at my face...he attacked me," adding, [Dr. Adams] grabbed me with one arm and threw me toward the bed. I struck the bed and fell onto the floor."

Also, in 2005, Field says the doctor become"angry, threw me on the bed and began to strangle me. I thought I was going to die as he strangled me to the point of almost blacking out" because another man looked in her direction.

Once again, Adams is the uncertified plastic surgeon who performed an operation on Donda West. She died the next day.


I always referred to him as "JAN THE MAN WITH THE PERMANENT TAN"! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA friggen lieing, decetful, abusive N that he is needs what he did to others to happen to him!!!


john stole from alot of people--not just me--john knows hes a thief--jealous I'm not--HAPPY that person is out of my life. beware of this person...suzie DID fire him--he stole her ear rings and tried to give them to a lady in tennessee--then he stole from that lady least hes out of my life...after he looted my house....


Greg Leckrone is a jealous ex who just can't get over it.


john loturco is a thief, cheat, and liar....suzie fired him!


I was Mrs. Adams personal assistant at the time this occurred. She and her children we beyond themselves. We couldn't believe she married him AFTER all this occurred!


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