Spotted: Chace Crawford and Katrina Bowden

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Was Carrie Underwood merely a notch on Chace Crawford's bedpost?

We can't say, but we can say that Chance was spotted with 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden at the Angel Ball on October 29. The pair reportedly got freaky at the after-party!

"Crawford was spotted dancing with his arms wrapped around her," reports the mag. "He's been texting [Katrina Bowden]. He told her that he's not dating Carrie."

Well, that would sum it up pretty well if it were true. However, a Chace Crawford pal says that it was the smokin' 30 Rock receptionist who initiated the flirting.

"Katrina's been obsessing about Chace ever since she saw him shooting [The CW hit show] Gossip Girl, which films near 30 Rock," said the unnamed source.

Katrina Bowden: Chace Crawford plaything of the month?

Prior to appearing as Cerie on 30 Rock, Katrina was credited as Katie Bowden and appeared in an episode of Law and Order: SVU, as well as in Fall Out Boy's music video "Dance Dance," and on the long-running soap opera One Life to Live.

They seem like they'd be a cute couple. Until Carrie Underwood reads this, that is. Katrina Bowden may soon find her cute face getting (30) rocked. Boo.


I know Katrina and her friends as well - and she is a really sweet girl and this all a bunch of useless gossip. She hardly knows the guy. She if very talented which is why she is starring in a few upcoming movies and was promoted to a starring role on "30 Rock". The girl who claims to know her is a jealous high school nothing who keeps obsessing over her. She thinks she is really smart, but comes across as an total ignorant jealous bitch.


She's hot and made homepage at


I know Katrina and her friends.
And Katrina wants to be real a-list celebrity so badly....she's so pathetic...and she cant act!


Glad she's moved past Roger Daltrey!


Everyone knows katrina is much prettier than CARRIE UNDERWOOD!!!! for me chace is WAY too good 4 them.But if I had to pick one katrina.


I think Katrina is cuter. Seems to me that both girls are too good for him!


Carrie is cuter than Katrina-bad move Chace!

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