Rumor of the Day: Spencer Pratt Sex Tape Circulating?

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In a twist that could only happen in the universe of The Hills, Spencer Pratt, long-accused of spreading rumors about a Lauren Conrad sex tape, now finds himself the subject of sex tape rumors ... involving himself.

A recent National Enquirer report claims Spencer Pratt is shopping footage of himself and some pals hooking up with a bevy of Brazilian women (before he met fiance Heidi Montag) and wants it released on the sly.

Inspecting the Chest

Specifically, under the guise that it had been "stolen." Hmm. That's quite the ruse... and the kind of thing we would certainly never put past Spencer Pratt.

Spencer and Heidi: A sex tape on the way?

Spencer tells Us: "I was never on camera. There is no sex tape. However, I did go to Brazil three years ago to film a jujitsu tournament for a documentary."

Yes, of course he did.

If a naked Spencer Pratt were to be found fornicating on film, this could be the next big scandal - perhaps even bigger than the Amy Fisher sex tape.

"Initial licensing could be upward of a million dollars," says an industry source who has bought and sold sex photos, pics of nude celebrities and video of stars doing the nasty. "He could easily turn it into a money-making machine."

More on the supposed Spencer sex tape if and when the story develops.


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i think they will


spencer, you are so need to stay up and be a man and admit that you did it.heidi,i understand that you want to stand by your man but come on.look what he did to your BF.if my man did that to any of my friends i would be all over him.i think you were fake saying you are wonder you have no real friends only coworkers to hang out with and spencer who has no friends either.

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