Riley Giles Us the Finger

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Look, Riley Giles, we're not the ones who made you break up with Bree Tierney.

We also didn't force you to step into the celebrity gossip spotlight by dating the STD-nest that is Lindsay Lohan.

So we don't appreciate you flipping us any kind of bird simply for snapping your picture. We're just doing our jobs and - like the work of Britney Spears' lawyers or the raising of Suri Cruise - it's not easy.

Cut us some slack.


Josie - She is such a doll baby! I can not wait to meet her! There are all SOOo great, but i LOVE the one of her bundled up on the flag wide awake! The one with her hand benihd her head and the other on her tummy is pretty stinking precious too!!


The STD Nest Good one must it's a bit harsh don't u think...... lol


why does Lindsay have an orange mustache??


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