Report: Hulk Hogan Bought Son Pre-Crash Beer

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Hulk Hogan was faced with numerous precarious situations inside a wrestling ring - but the multiple-time WWE champion typically came out on top.

We wonder if the same will hold true in his personal life.

As he faces a divorce from Linda Hogan, The Hulkster is now also the center of new evidence released by police on Wednesday that is incredibly damaging to both himself and his son's case.'

According to The St. Petersburg Times, a receipt from Albertson's Liquor Store on the day of Nick Hogan's accident shows that his father purchased $78 worth of beer and ice at 2:14 p.m. A clerk, June Hoopingarer, said Hulk bought the items and was accompanied by his son and several other young men.

The report says Nick Bollea and his pals spent the day of the accident on a boat with Hulk, as everyone consumed beers and had a jolly good time.

Later that night, though, well, we all know what happened

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well i do feel sorry about linda leaving him. but also i think his son needs some help! this is not the 1st time if i recall correctly that the sonhas been caught drinking! out of this whole family brooke seems like she`s the only one other than hulk that is straight!


He probably bought the beer for himself and kids tend to sneak stuff so junior swiped one when hulk wasn't looking.


Hogan has always treated Nick that he could do what he wanted because he was the male species. It was obvious Nick would be a danger on the road. He proved it at 15 yrs.old. Nick should get jail time. Get a taste of real consiquences. These kids have to much money and to much time on their hands.


Say your prayers, eat your vitamans and drink your beers brothers, cause you are going to jail!