Rare Good Britney Spears News: "Blackout" to Hit #1

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Every now and then, a ray of light reaches Britney Spears' otherwise dim world. Her album, Blackout, will finish at No. 1 this week, according to analysts.

It's a rare Britney Spears news story when there is no drunken rant, court date, dude hit by a car or upskirt / nude photo(s) mentioned. No, her newest disc has provided real positive news - between 325,000-350,000 units sold already!

That's enough to put the "star" at the top of the charts, just ahead of past former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood â€" at least this week.

Blackout: Topping the charts for Britney Spears.

Of course, Britney Spears' previous album, In the Zone, sold 609,000 units right out of the gate. To use another American Idol comparison, Chris Daughtry sold about 309,000 in his self-titled album's first week in stores.

Although Spears' first single from Blackout, "Gimme More," has inexplicably been getting a lot of radio play, it's unclear what single will come next - and whether it can generate any ensuing buzz for the album.

And, of course, whether it will be overshadowed by the next Britney Spears crotch shot, custody hearing or celebrity news reporter run over by her car.


I think you all are HATERS and you should all leave BRITT alone maybe she does not act like a lady at times she is only human and we ALL make mistakes look at all the BIG celebs that done all this and then became the perfect MOTHERSand Fathers GOD forgives and so shall you. she does need a little guidence and a VERY GOOD FRIEND! NOT A FRIEND THAT WANTS HER MONEY......... She is a very smart girl and came from a very good Family so I have read. and maybe she LIKES the attention but lets not BASH her when it comes to her BABIES leave them out of IT SHE GAVE BIRTH TO THEM and PARENTING does not come with a hand book!!!!! I THINK SHE SHOULD BE IN COUNCELING AND HER CHILDREN WITH HER UNLESS SHE CHOOSES DIFFERENT LIFESTYLE. TO BRITT YOUR KIDS LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY THE FRIENDS and FANS ARE ALL 2ND!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU AND GET HELP B4 ITS TOO LATE AND YOUR KIDS REMEMBER THIS... THEY ARE STILL YOUNG THEY DONT CARE ABOUT NOW THEY WILL CARE ABOUT THEN........MAY GOD BLESS YOU!


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