Random, Delusional Girl Supports "Team Britney"

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A lot of people feel that Britney Spears sucks, and they ain't talkin' about no liposuction. But the troubled singer still has some fans left. Or at least one.

Take this girl below. Promiscuous sex, excessive drug and alcohol use, crotch shots and upskirt pics every other day, running through red lights with her oft-neglected sons in the back seat - nothing can tarnish this loyal fan's image of her hero.


We're not exactly members of "Team K-Fed" here at The Hollywood Gossip, but whatever the hell "Team Britney Los Angles" consists of, well, you can count us out. Appealing as clubbing with no underwear seems, we think we'll just say no.

As Britney Spears' custody battle over Sean Preston and Jayden James rages on, this passionate young fan shows the pop star her unconditional support. And her utter cluelessness. And her need to get a life... and eat the occasional salad.


I think that we should all keep on callin britney out on her dumb clueless acts. She needs serious help and a really big ASS KICKIN. Maybe that would bring her back to reality. It's just one screw up after the next. She is never gonna get better. So why the hell not make more money of her by making articles about her on the net and in the magazines. Whatever brings in the dough and raises revenue. Right? That's what I'm talkin about put that STUPID BITCH in her place. She was in the big time and completeley took advantage of her life and what she was given. Now it needs to be stripped away and hopefully she can regain some sense of who she was and still is.


The chick on the left looks creepily like Elijah Wood...


No there are millions who still love and care about Briteny and that pisses off the Britney bashers and TMZ. Nothing you can do - GET OVER IT, HER, WHATEVER! Britney was not put on earth to please you and Lindsey Lohan gave far more crotch shots so go pick on her about that, or Paris. And the world knows KFed is not the better parent he just wants her MONEY! Britney congrats on your new CD.


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