Pregnant, Nude Britney Spears vs. Pregnant, Nude Christina Aguilera: The Biggest Photo Finish Ever

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They used to battle it out at the top of the pop charts. Now Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are singing a different - nude and pregnant - duel!

In the fall of 2006, a naked Britney Spears, pregnant with little Jayden James, posed for some ... well, interesting photos for Harper's Bizarre. Er, Bazaar.

Then, earlier this week, we were treated to hot photos of a knocked up Christina Aguilera nude, turning Marie Claire into Marie Bare. Okay, sorry for the bad puns.

Anyway, here's a Hollywood Gossip photo finish of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, naked, preggers and ready to explode. Which pic is the hottest?

Britney Spears: Harper's Bazaar Style

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera: Nude. Pregnant. Hot. We think.

Not to be left out in the cold (which would be quite chilly, wearing nothing), a pair of far less famous, but equally naked and pregnant stars, deserve to be included in this photo finish. Follow the jump for some sort of sexy pictures of both a nude Lisa Rinna and Katie Price - with child and without clothing ...

Katie Price with her enormous breasts, husband and unborn child.

Lisa Rinna got so naked while preggers that we had to censor this pic!


Brenty is so sexxxxy. Have you Sean nude Picts


and britney has the most beautiful face !


I think the best in the magazine is britney because the others girls have the face to fat to a photo


Christina wins! She looks fantastic! Wow!
Please give a little love to Katie though.


lol! omg!!! well i think pregnancy makes women look amazing!!! but honestly Christina is totally the best pic on here. She looks like she is having insane fun doing the shoot....brit looks great but if you look long enough she kinda has this bloated look to her face....oh well just my opinion.


I think britney is looking so hot and gorgeous and she hav nice boobs also.


I think they are both nice looking....


.WOW!!! Videos being watched right now on YouTube


Britney is ssoo much prettier! By a serious longshot.


Check history, the first person to be the trailblazer to this trend was PATTI LABELLE when she was pregnant with her son. She was the first, but of course she would never get the credit Demi or any of these ladies. We always start something but never get the recognition we deserve! So, Let the record show that MS. PATTI, PATTI WAS FIRST WAY BACK IN THE DAY PROBABLY BEFORE THESE YOUNGINS' WERE EVEN BORN!

@ Rene

Clap Clap! Damn right! I read her autiobiography and sure enough that picture of her pregnant and naked in the 1970s was in there!

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