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Don't worry, Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen, you're still the most random, unsightly new couple out there. Maybe of all-time.

But Star Magazine is reporting that a new, unexpected pair of celebrities has been hanging out a lot recently: Owen Wilson and Jessica Simpson. We didn't see this one coming.

Tony Romo and Jessica Pic

The two were seen having dinner at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica this past weekend. Following the meal - about which a witness said "[Owen] couldn't keep his hands off her" - Simpson went back to Owen's Malibu home.

Did Wilson see Jessica Simpson nude at that point? We can't say for sure. But the pairing does make sense on some levels:

The actor recently tried to commit suicide, so he doesn't want any kind of heavy relationship right now. And you don't get any lighter than Ms. Chicken of the Sea.

From Jessica's point of view, meanwhile, she needs a fling to help her get over John Mayer and Minka Kelly dating. She just better not hurt Owen in the process.

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Kim Kardashian is seen here celebrating her 27th birthday with a pair of K-named sisters.

We're not sure which is Khloe... or Kendall... Or Kourtney. The idiotic, self-absorbed mother, Kris, is probably around here somewhere, too.

Karadashians Kelebrate

Those not in attendance at the party - and not merely because their names don't begin with K - were Ray J and former best friend of Kim, Paris Hilton.

It's safe to assume, though, that Kalie Machado was invited. Probably Kim Porter and the Krispy Kreme donut chain, too.

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