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So she's not pregnant. Britney Spears is still insane, however.

The latest puzzling antics from the alleged singer? Shortly before 1 a.m. on November 18, Spears entered the X-rated Hustler Store in W. Hollywood.

Conservator and Daughter

There, she loaded up on naughty skivvies and headed to the fitting rooms. But store employees "told [Britney Spears] they don't allow people to try on underwear," a source at the scene says. "She was really upset."

The source adds: "She looked out of it. There was nothing going on behind her eyes." Which distinguishes this from any other day ... not at all!

Then, the kinky sex fiend threw a fit, took off her pants and underwear as she tried on a pair of boyshorts (with "Barely Legal" stitched across the rear end) in the middle of the store while 15 other shocked customers looked on.

An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that the scene Britney caused was ridiculous: "The employees kept saying 'Don't change out here!' She's just like, 'Well, I couldn't take them in the fitting room' ... It was like dealing with a child."

Britney Spears' tantrum only worsened

"The staff told her she had to pay, and she rolled her eyes, but paid with a credit card," the source says. "As payback, on her way out, she went up to a mannequin, snatched the wig off the head, and stole it!"

So, to sum up, Britney Spears took off her pants and underwear in an X-Rated sex shop, then got pissed when the staff told her she was out of line, then shoplifted from it. We await a Sam Lutfi text message commenting on the matter.

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Think Lucas Grabeel is jealous of Zac Efron?

We only ask because, well, have you even heard of Lucas Grabeel?

He's Efron's co-star in High School Musical, portraying the role of Ryan Evans, brother of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale). Still, it seems as though Efron gets the majority of attention, having picked up movie roles in Hairspray and the upcoming Seventeen.

Note to Lucas Grabeel: if you want more publicity, perhaps you should shed your clothing. It worked well for Vanessa Hudgens.

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Britney Spears' ex-producer and greasy former beau, J.R. Rotem, has issued a statement denying In Touch Weekly's new cover story that claims Spears is pregnant and Rotem is the father of what would the singer's third child.

We hope you're sitting down. This J.R. Rotem statement is a whopper:

Britney Spears Airport Chic Fashion

"There is absolutely no truth to this."

Thanks, J.R.

Rumors that Britney Spears is pregnant surfaced yesterday, setting the celebrity gossip world on fire. But they were refuted by the end of the day, when her pal, Sam Lutfi, sent a text to Ryan Seacrest, calling the story "completely fake."

J.R. Rotem and Britney Spears, seen last December after hookin' up.

"BS. Don't know who made it up," Sam Lutfi texted Seacrest regarding the story about a pregnant Britney. "J.R. doesn't even know what's up. It's fake. Completely fake."

Alright, now that the pregnancy issue is settled for good, we can all go back to talking about how insane Britney Spears is, how she abhors the concept of underwear, how Sean Preston and Jayden James are scarred for life, and so on.

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Despite a rumored feud with Tameka Foster, Jonnetta Patton is excited that her daughter-in-law has given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

Indeed, Usher's mother said that Usher Raymond V is God's gift to her son and his wife, just in time for Kwanzaa and Christmas.

"I'm extremely excited and filled with joy about the birth of my grandson, Usher Raymond V," Patton told People magazine. "He is beautiful, precious, healthy and such a blessing. I'm very happy for my son and his wife. God has truly blessed them with a special gift. This will be an amazing holiday season for all of us."

Foster gave birth to Usher Raymond V on Monday night, joining her husband in a statement that read: "We are so happy and proud of our beautiful son."

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Rocking a Little Miss Sunshine t-shirt and shades, Hayden Panettiere keeps the mood light with a laid-back visit to the Thibiant day spa with her mother, Leslie Panettiere, Wednesday in Beverly Hills. Here's a cute pic of our girl ...

Hayden Panettiere: Always able to brighten our day.

Earlier this week, the Heroes star showed off her crafting skills with Ne-Yo and other celebrities during a nice visit to a New York Ronald McDonald House, as part of World Children's Day on Tuesday. She's always willing to lend a hand.

Yesterday, she was content to kick it with mom. No word on whether Hayden has any particular favorite Little Miss Sunshine quotes, but she sure looks cute in the t-shirt. And, unlike Britney Spears - spotted wearing the very same shirt last December - Hayden actually has pants on with it! What a concept.

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Leaving the drama of SoCal behind her - or, at least leaving it to Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag - former Laguna Beach beauty Kristin Cavallari was spotted heading to a business meeting in Beverly Hills Tuesday.

Another Kristin Cavallari Bikini Pic

Kristin Cavallari: Alive, well and beautiful.

Ah, we miss the good ol' days (2005-2006) when Kristin Cavallari photos were a daily dose of joy in the life of a celebrity news site, and when the feud between Kristin and her high school clique rival, LC, used to be the topic of the day.

Alas, Kristin Cavallari has been content living a more drama-free life, moving in with boyfriend Nick Zano and staying more or less out of the public eye.

There's certainly nothin' wrong with that. Except maybe for the jealousy we harbor for you, Nick Zano. Your girlfriend isn't exactly unattractive.

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Ross McCall will get to see Jennifer Love Hewitt nude for the rest of his love.

The lucky Scottish actor is currently vacationing with Hewitt in Hawaii, and her rep has confirmed that he recently popped the question to the busty star of The Ghost Whisperer.

The Client List Poster

"They got engaged last week," her rep told Us Weekly.

Hewitt has previously dated a slew of handsome celebrities, from Carson Daly to John Mayer. She's also starred in the fantasies of many staff members from The Hollywood Gossip. In other words:

You better treat her right, Ross! If not, we'll stick a drunk Bailey Salinger on you.

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Luciana Salazar is no Dustin Diamond.

She's not as famous as Kim Kardashian.

The Argentinian model is even less well-known than Keeley Hazell and Amy Fisher.

Nevertheless, it's news when almost anyone makes a sex tape - and rumor has it that this MTV Latin America star is the next celebrity to be caught naked on camera. It would follow along with the only other role Salazar has enjoyed: on the Playboy TV series Luli in Love.

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Rumors of a pregnant Britney Spears have been setting the celebrity gossip world ablaze. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it now appears they're bogus.

In a text message to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show in Los Angeles Wednesday, Britney's friend, Sam Lutfi, debunked In Touch Weekly's cover story that declares Spears is expecting another baby - with her ex, J.R. Rotem.

"It's BS," Sam said. "Don't know who made it up. J.R. doesn't even know what's up."

The wisdom of Sam Lutfi continued in his text message, and revealed all: "It's fake. Completely fake. Just wrapped her music video. Going home to sleep."

Britney Spears: Not pregnant via J.R. Rotem after all.

Well, that officially settles that. If one can't trust a text message straight from Sam Lutfi, what can one believe in this crazy world?

We were skeptical about the alleged pregnancy from the start, but what's crazy is how certain the magazine that reported this celebrity rumor was in doing so.

On its new cover (see below), In Touch featured a Britney Spears photo under the headline: "Yes, She's Pregnant!" The story quoted J.R. Rotem saying, "It's true."

Also today, we ran a separate story about Britney Spears' kinky sex lair. Amazing how quickly certain celebrity gossip pales in comparison to pregnancy rumors.

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There are two sides to Kim Kardashian. No, we don't mean nude and naked.

We're referring to good and evil. Naughty and nice. Sex tape star and innocent reality TV daughter.

Kim Kardashian Birthday Pic

Which do you prefer?

Sometimes, Kim Kardashian blows kisses. Sometimes, she gives us the finger and then blows... other things.

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