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Forget about Britney Spears, Alli Sims and Carrie Underwood. It looks like football star Tony Romo is really going out with One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush.

Nearly four months after splitting with Carrie Underwood, the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback was spotted dining with Sophia Bush on October 22.

Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols

And get this - he introduced her to his parents the very next night! Looks like he's got ahold of her heart... let's just hope he doesn't fumble inexplicably.

"She can't believe it's happening so fast!" says a friend of Sophia Bush, adding that the One Tree Hill actress already has plans to fly out east to attend ­Tony Romo's game against the New York Giants on November 11. How cute!

  You heard it first here, gossip fans: the Dallas Cowboys will lose that game. Romo's mind clearly isn't on any football game ... just his game with Sophia Bush.

But will this blissful union last? Romo was seen hanging out with - gulp - none other than Britney Spears at Les Deux on October 26, when they were introduced by Spears' pal Alli Sims - another Romo ex-girlfriend, says an Us Weekly source.

On his KIIS-FM radio show two days later, onlooker Ryan Seacrest said he saw Spears give Tony Romo a lap dance that night at Les Deux.

But a Romo source insists, "Tony was disgusted with Britney Spears. It was purely Britney wanting to do it. All he can talk about is Sophia these days."

If so, Tony Romo and Kevin Federline now have two things in common: getting lap dances from Britney Spears and working (it) with Sophia Bush.

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Look, Riley Giles, we're not the ones who made you break up with Bree Tierney.

We also didn't force you to step into the celebrity gossip spotlight by dating the STD-nest that is Lindsay Lohan.

So we don't appreciate you flipping us any kind of bird simply for snapping your picture. We're just doing our jobs and - like the work of Britney Spears' lawyers or the raising of Suri Cruise - it's not easy.

Cut us some slack.

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Stephen Colbert really is running for president.

The faux conservative pundit is expected to officially file paperwork today to enter the Democratic primary in his home state of South Carolina, CNN reports.

Rallying for America

The 43-year-old Colbert announced his bid October 16 on The Colbert Report, saying he would run as both a Democrat and Republican so "I can lose twice."

It looks like pure cost might have altered that plan. The fee to get on the GOP ballot is $35,000, whereas Colbert only has to cough up a modest $2,500 â€" or get 3,000 signatures â€" to get on the Democrat ballot in the Palmetto State.

Stephen Colbert: A political contender or pretender?

So when should Barack Obama start worrying? Probably not soon. The Democratic officials in South Carolina will meet Thursday to decide if the comedian is "viable" and has spent enough time campaigning before putting him on the ballot.

"He does not appear to be campaigning to win if he is only running in one state," said Carol Khare Fowler, chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party.

Another council member, Charleston Democratic Party Chairman Waring Howe, was more blunt: "Over my dead body will Stephen Colbert be on the ballot."

Still, Stephen Colbert made two "campaign" stops in South Carolina last weekend, speaking at a "Rock the Vote" event on Saturday in Charleston and appearing Sunday in Columbia to receive a key to the city from Mayor Bob Coble.

That event attracted over 1,000 people, most of them University of South Carolina students. Better keep an eye in the rear view mirror, Hillary Clinton!

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Avert your eyes, Selita Ebanks.

Your former fiance appears to have a crush on Miss USA, Rachel Smith.

The New York Post is reporting that Nick Cannon is doing everything he can to win over the beauty pageant winner, as he's sent her "several dozen roses, chocolates and balloons," according to a source.

"When she opened her apartment door, the hallway was flooded with stuff, and on each item was a different hand-written note from Nick to her."

Who knew Cannon was so smooth? Who has he been taking lessons from, Tony Romo?

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Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch Winehouse, has been publicly critical of her partying ways before. But now he's revealed in a new interview that while Amy has scaled back the boozing, but she has much bigger problems to deal with.

The gist: Mitch says his daughter suffers from bulimia.

"She's not drinking as heavily now as she was then actually, but there are other problems. The other problem is the bulimia which is still apparent," Mitch said.

"Although she's put on about a stone in weight since the summer, it's still affecting her health and there are problems with substance abuse as well."

Healthy Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse: Stopping off for some quality food.

"She's eating, although the eating disorder hasn't been fully addressed," her father continued. "If you look at [Amy Winehouse pics] in August and see her now you will see a marked change for the better. But it's a change for the better, it isn't a cure."

Mitch also said that Amy Winehouse only turned into a habitual user of hard drugs after marrying Blake Fielder-Civil earlier this year.

"She was a complete opponent of doing hard drugs - in fact, she got up and said she couldn't understand why people in the music industry took hard drugs and that all changed about six months ago when she got married to Blake."

Marriage will do that to you. Although she really ought to quit the McDonald's ... that's much worse for your heart than Blake Fielder-Civil could ever be.

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Leave it to Britney Spears to find the ultimate Halloween outfit, truly becoming of her newfound image. The troubled singer donned a hot pink animal print leotard with a cut out middle that exposed her cleavage and midriff.

Spears attended a house party thrown by model Heidi Klum and husband Seal, and later hit the Green Door bar with friend Lucy Walsh. Then she was apparently all over some girl (possibly Lucy Walsh) in a car, as seen in the photo below ...

Britney Crotch Shot

Earlier that day, Britney Spears gave her first interview to promote her hot new CD, Blackout, amid the widespread media frenzy over her child custody hearings.

Ryan Seacrest asked how often she was seeing sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, and the train wreck deferred to her attorneys. "That's, like, all in the court, stuff like that. My lawyers know all that stuff," Britney Spears said.

Despite great personal turmoil of late, "Gimme More" is getting a lot of radio play and Web downloads. Seacrest asked Spears about the message she meant to convey in one of the album's other talked about songs, "Piece of Me."

"There's a lot of people who like, you know, want to ask questions and ... sometimes you don't know their intentions and stuff," Spears said.

"It's just kind of a cute way of putting it out there, you know, like, ‘you want a piece of me,' and like, in a cool, cute, clever way."

Oh yes. Very clever. Always the first word that comes to mind when talking about Britney Spears. Her lawyers know, like, all that stuff, y'all.

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 Vincent Margera - also known as "Don Vito" during his days on MTV's Viva La Bam - was convicted yesterday of two counts of sexual assault on a child.

The old, fat blob was accused of groping three girls, ages 12 to 14, during an autograph signing event last year at mall skate park in the Denver suburb of Lakewood. His defense?

That he was simply taking on the persona of the outrageous and profane Don Vito. How could he be punished for acting like a beloved character?

By that logic, can we pretend to be Tony Parker and not get in trouble for staring at Eva Longoria naked in the shower?

As soon as the guilty verdict was announced by the jury, the rotund Vincent Margera fell to the floor cursing and yelled, "Just kill me now!"

He now faces a sentence of probation to six years in prison on each conviction. After Margera's courtroom outburst, deputies restrained him and took him to jail, where he'll be held without bail until his sentencing hearing on December 20.

Vincent is the uncle of Bam Margera, who likely had sex with Jessica Simpson while she was still married to Nick Lachey.

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Much like his Texas friend Owen Wilson and Jessica Simpson, Lance Armstrong is apparently getting close with a famous blonde that we never saw coming.

Yes, Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen were spotted again Wednesday.

The seven-time Tour de France champ and the waifish Full House actress have have met up at least twice in the past week while the former is in town for the New York Marathon, numerous news sources have reported.

Olsen Twins Look On

Lance and Ashley first shared a special moment Monday night, getting close at the Rose Bar inside Manhattan's Gramercy Park Hotel. Their evening rendezvous was well documented in New York's newspapers on Wednesday.

Lance Armstrong & Ashley Olsen, take two... really?

An observer tells People: "Lance was hanging with her, definitely. [Ashley Olsen] was very flirtatious, and was sitting on his lap."

Another source confirmed that Ashley Olsen was with a group that included Lance Armstrong and was just "hanging out, having a good time."

Armstrong, 36, and Olsen, 21, reunited again in the wee hours Wednesday at the Waverly Inn. Armstrong was seen there earlier that evening with Owen Wilson.

The retired cyclist and fashion designer Tory Burch recently broke up after a year-long relationship. A rep for Armstrong had no comment on Olsen.

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When fashion craved for more than just Kate Moss' bones, Brazilian goddess Gisele Bundchen answered the bell. With a voluptuous, sun-kissed frame and wavy locks of beautiful brown hair, she soon became a modeling superstar.

At 14, the 5'11" stunner was discovered at a Sao Paulo McDonald's and soon left her home country to pursue modeling in New York. In a few years, she was on her way to becoming one the richest, best known model in the world.

Gisele Bundchen, Lingerie Pic

Gisele Bundchen has since left Victoria's Secret, but she's going strong as a new receiver / tight end for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. That you know. Here are five facts about Gisele you might not, courtesy of People ...

Gisele Bundchen: Popping zits, dating Tom Brady.

  1. Back in 2000, Gisele was dubbed the "Boobs from Brazil" by celebrity gossip tabloids, who went as far as to blame her for the 36,000 breast enhancement surgeries performed that year in Brazil.
  2. After Gisele Bundchen announced that she would never pose topless, a group of runway photographers launched the "Free the Gisele Two" campaign. We assume this sort of naked Gisele Bundchen pic doesn't really count.
  3. She likes popping zits. "I love squeezing them. I have these big mirrors in my house so even if I don't have one, I look for one to squeeze," she told Time in 2004. "I should be a facialist."
  4. Hot as she is, Gisele Bundchen's look wasn't always in fashion. She moved to New York during the "heroin chic" era, and often refused clients' demands to lose weight, get a nose job and chop off her wavy locks.
  5. Tom Brady can appreciate this. When Gisele inked a deal with International Management Company, reports circulated that the contract had a no-marriage clause. "Seriously, like I'm going to give up my life and sign a contract that says I cannot be married and have children? Puh-leeze," Bundchen told the New York Daily News in 2004. "That's the craziest thing I ever heard!"

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In a November 1 interview, Tom Cruise said of his marriage to Katie Holmes: "I feel lucky. I have a lot of respect for her as an artist, as a woman."

The handsome, slightly insane actor told Entertainment Tonight, "She's a very strong, gracious woman. She's very funny, a great comedian."

Valkyrie Star

Married life, he continued, is "all very good, all very lovely."

Tom Cruise referred to Holmes as "Kate" throughout the interview. He said that he is looking forward to the premiere of her new movie, Mad Money.

As for raising daughter young daughter Suri Cruise, now 18 months, he said he and Holmes share parenting duties "just like everybody else, you just have work it out. You make it work. We've gotten pretty good at organizing everything."

Laughing, he added, "I don't sleep much anyway."

The male half of TomKat said that Paris, where the interview took place, "has significance to me in this time of my life. It's the city where I proposed to Kate."

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