O.J. Simpson Preliminary Hearing to Begin Today

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Twelve years after being acquitted on double-murder charges, OJ Simpson is back in court in Nevada on aggravated kidnapping charges and other felonies.

Simpson and several cohorts was arrested and charged with various criminal counts stemming from an alleged robbery in a Las Vegas casino-hotel.

OJ Simpson, 60, Clarence Stewart, 53, and Charles Ehrlich, 53, face charges of kidnapping, robbery, assault, conspiracy and coercion.

Admitted robbery accomplices Charles Cashmore, 40, Walter Alexander, 46, and Michael McClinton, 49, have taken plea bargains and are expected to testify for the prosecution that guns were brandished during the Simpson-led September 13 "sting operation" against two sports memorabilia dealers.

  • O.J. Simpson Mug Shot (2007)
  • O.J. Mug Shot

OJ Simpson: New decade, new felonies, new mug shots.

At today's preliminary hearing, Las Vegas Judge Joe M. Bonaventure is due to determine whether there is enough evidence to set the case for a trial.

The jurist should not lack for evidence, given that three of OJ Simpson's alleged co-conspirators have accepted plea bargains to testify against The Juice.

The preliminary hearing is expected to continue into Friday and possibly even Saturday. Simpson's attorneys claim they are prepared to face the challenges ahead and say they understand the perception of Simpson.

At a press conference in September, OJ Simpson's attorney, Yale Galanter, stated, "We know who our client is. We know what you guys think."

Should Bonaventure decide there is enough evidence for trial, it's likely that the new OJ Simpson trial wouldn't begin until 2008.

So far, Simpson is 0-1 vs. the Las Vegas justice system. Tuesday, his legal team argued unsuccessfully that prosecutors are using the media against OJ.

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