Natalie Gauci Crowned Australian Idol

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The same week this year's American Idol champion came out with her debut album, Natalie Gauci was crowned the winner of Australian Idol.

So as you pick up a copy of Jordin Sparks' self-titled CD, keep Gauci in mind for the future. She should have a big career ahead of her.


hey natalie . u r the best singer in the world so go get em' and win the arias and the best celeb award.xoxoxooxo niya WA perth riverton 6148 32 mandora way plz send me an email xoxoxoxxo


Natalie Gauci Biography

Natalie Gauci won the 2007 Australian Idol crown. It's just like American Idol, only it takes place Down Under. More »
Full Name
Natalie Gauci