Milo Ventimiglia Pulls Up to Hayden Panettiere Drive-Thru

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Who needs McDonald's or Burger King when you can pull up to your very own personal Hayden Panettiere Drive-Thru. Right, Milo Ventimiglia? Man. We can only imagine what sort of delights they serve over at that place...


Hayden Panettiere: Service with a smile!


RING ALERT!!! RIGHT FINGER RING ALERT!!! HALO RING ALERT!!! MILO GAVE HER THE RING!!! THEY ARE IN LOVE!!! She's wearing the ring since last month and nobody has notice.
Are you blind people???!!! Someone talk about that and ask them about it!!!!!!!! Paparazzis are so useless...


they are just too cute to be true! He's the hottest guy around, she's really a beauty, I wish they'd just come out in the open!

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Palisades, New York
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Hayden Leslie Panettiere