Milana Dravnel Sues Oscar De La Hoya For $100M

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The stripper-model who first claimed she had racy snapshots of sexy boxer Oscar De La Hoya wearing lingerie - then quickly recanted her own tale on national TV - is now suing him for $100 million for smearing her reputation.

In the suit, filed this week in Manhattan Supreme Court, Milana Dravnel alleges that Oscar De La Hoya's management team coerced her into taking back her story - where she allegedly took racy drag photos of Oscar De La Hoya in fishnet stockings, and what appears to be ballerina outfit in a Philly hotel room.

Oscar De La Hoya made what turned out to be "false promises" based on Milana Dravnel recanting what she told the media, the lawsuit claims.

Milana Dravnel also claims she was the champ's mistress from January 2006 to May 2007, and that she was paid $70,000 by celebrity photo agency X17 for the pictures (see below), a price her lawyer says was "below market value."

Milana Dravnel, Oscar De La Hoya

Drag photos of Oscar De La Hoya, allegedly taken by Milana Dravnel.

Dravnel is suing the champ for "fraud, defamation, and infliction of emotional distress." There was no response from Oscar De La Hoya or his camp.


Glad no others pros but the above "confirmed" these as fakes. TUrns out by Oscar's own admission 3 years later that they were REAL and done under the influence. Good luck Oscar...You are right.... This is the FIGHT OF YOUR LIFE~ One day at a time and always know that God is in control!.


Yes, a fake.....


Cheap Photoshop montage... I'm a multimedia artist, and it's easy to certified that these are fakes; too many evidences and errors. Any pro will confirm this. This girl IS going to paid or will go to jail, it's a fraud ! Next thing please. Thanks.

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