Meet Candice Crawford, Miss Missouri 2008

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Sorry, Katie Blair and Tara Conner.

You had your time in the beauty pageant spotlight.

Candice Crawford, Tony Romo

It's time to make way for the next crop of Miss USA contenders, starting with Candice Crawford. The 20-year old has just been named Miss Missouri 2008.

Aside from her role as a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia and her major of broadcast journalism, Candice is known for something else: being the gorgeous sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.

Indeed, this is the hottest sibling pairing since the glory days of Jamie-Lynn Spears and Britney Spears.


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Such a long nose:-)))Ang close set eyes, large jaw...Can't beleive she won


Well Anna, actually I´m Brazilian, so are my parents, but I have Lebanese descendants hahaha. But it´s totally true there are many nowadays. Nice to talk to you. So you mean you were actually born in Lebanon? Seems fun. And well, I guess everyone agrees Candice is absolutely gooooorgeauss!
So is her brother, hihi :)!


Nayla.. you're another Brazilian lebanese expat (well I knew from your name :) ). It's cool! We are so many nowadays, but I moved back to the Middle East.
Anyway, yeah I agree Candice is very pretty and above all smart.


Must be a pretty talented girl. Beauty queen, journalism student, and now she's a writer online: Candice Crawford Candice Crawford Wow...very impressive.


Mizz Candice Crawford did you know that you have my whoile name to?


Candice! u rock...ur awsomely gorgeous, i mean u totally earned to b miss missouri, sad u didnt get to be miss universe, its like u really could win....u have great chances to, well maybe next time right? Well congratulations and ur our super idol!!
N. Saab and G. Cury


they have some great genes in that family, Chace and Candice are gorgeous, would seriously love to see their parents but they're hawt!


Nice to see your picture.Tell Clint I said he should be nice to you.He is my grandson. John Glenn


Dear Candice,
u really yearned to win the beauty pagent, not just for being pretty but also for being so sweet!!Ur bro rocks at the GG series, I watch it every Thurs. cause here in Brazil it passes just at Thurs. Well, I hope to win Ms. Sao Paulo when I grow up cause u r my inspiration!
*Nayla Saab*

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