Marie Osmond's Son Enters Rehab

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It's been a difficult time for Marie Osmond.

As the celebrity continues to perform on Dancing with the Stars, she's undergone a fainting spell on live TV, the death of her father and now, the rehabilitation of her 16-year old son, Michael.

Osmond confirmed the last piece of news in an interview with Larry King last night.

"My son Michael is an amazing young man, shown through his courage in facing his issues," Osmond said in a statement. "As his mother, I couldn't be more proud of him. The press and public have always been kind and gracious in the past and I know they will continue to respect our privacy during this time."

Michael is one of eight children Osmond has raised with ex-husband Brian Blosil. No reason was given for the rehab.


I cannot beleive they let her adopt children. And for sure she mentions that Micheal is adopted this way she is saying she is not to blame he is not really mine its not the precious Osmonds gene pool. Why else say it. She uses every opportunity death and her childrens personal problems to get her self a little live time in the news. Even get on live television to talk about a teens problems how devastating that must be for him. She sure didnt do that for his benifit. And look what it cost him.


Marie has no business on that show. The Osmonds have taken a perfectly great program and turned it into a shoving match simply because "Baby" can't take criticism. She also needs to learn to keep her mouth shut!!! She's certainly not the lady Jane is.


The osmonds have taken a perfectly great show and turned it into a shoving match because "baby" can't take criticism. Max is sooooo right, she doesn't belong on the show.


Marie, I have been a fan of you and your brothers since you all started performing. May God bless you and your family through this difficult time. Your son will be just fine with God's love. You are indeed an inspiration to everyone. You looked great on Larry King, and you have my vote for dancing. May God bless you and keep you safe.