Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Marie Osmond Shouldn't Be Dancing with the Stars

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Give Maksim Chmerkovskiy props for more than simply being hot and talented; the man is honest, as well.

When asked whether voters made the right decision sending Jennie Garth home on Dancing with the Stars last week, here's what the professional dancer had to say:

Ricki Lake, Derek Hough Pic

"I think Jennie was better than Marie Osmond. Frankly, I think there are a lot of other people better than Marie."

It's a view shared by many, as Marie has gotten by on public sympathy more than talent. That being said, who does Maks think ought to win the competition?

His partner, Melanie Brown. After all, "she's hands down the best dancer left... [the] most capable, most natural," he said.

In the end, though, true ability can get trumped.

"History shows [Dancing's celeb champ is] either a cute man or somebody with a huge fan base and I think Marie has both [Helio Castroneves] and Mel's fan base combined times five."

We'll find out tonight, as the Dancing with the Stars season finale airs on ABC.


Maks is not a man, he's a Queer. And so are all of you little Bitches that agree with him. Marie may not be the best dancer, but she's certainly the most entertaining. Beat that, you little Faggot Maks! Maybe all of you that agree with Maks should go to a Gay bar with him and make yourselves comfortable.


Can't really slam him for being honest. He puts on the machismo jerk act on the show and all, but he's right...


The man stated the truth and a fact.


gerard vandenberg must have been looking in the mirror when he made his comment above - spot on!!


Maks is right - Marie is in the finals becorz of FANS - her dancing ability doz not compare with sabrinas or jenny's, not to mention Mel. Ignore all else on dwts, all u need is fans!!!! wake up America and vote the best couple/team/dancers to win the comp - leave out publicity, notoriety, adversity & VOTE!!!!!!!!! Marie is a great entertainer but not dancer or performer GET REAL!!

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