Maksim Chmerkovskiy Lays Into Lame Marie Osmond Performance

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy likes and respects Marie Osmond as a person. But as a dancer?

Let's just say he was less than enamored with her "living doll" performance on last night's Dancing with the Stars season finale.

"I guess she came out trying to do something... Whatever it is, I guess it's between her and Jonathan. But nobody else knows what it is," Chmerkovskiy told OK! Weekly after the broadcast.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is really, really handsome.

The handsome partner of Melanie Brown also didn't take back his comments from last week, when he said many other competitors, already eliminated, were more talented than Marie.

"I just said what everybody else was thinking," Chmerkovskiy sai. "To add to that, Marie is one of those people you can't find any flaws with. I have nothing but the utmost respect for her. God knows this woman went through a lot this season. But, having said that, this is a dance show."

Will Maks' remarks backfire? Find out tonight on the two-hour results show!


Dear Max....Not only are you handsome, but also the best dancer,,,,,Will miss you this year on DWTS...but glad to hear you'll be BACK next Season....I can't wait to see you dance again....I'm a senior citizen that enjoys each step you take, & I just loved your "ponytail" ....Hurry


by reading these comments I have learned that this season was "Maks" last.. Well, I say "don't let the door hit ya in the backside"... yea, he is great "eye candy" but he (as well as Mel B) were so egotistical this season... it sure was sickening to watch them (due to their attitudes).... I am ESTATIC they did not win !! As far as his comments about Marie... GROW UP... he sure isn't portraying "professional dancer" with timely steps, now is he. Marie said she joined DWTS to have fun, well, America had fun watching her.. she is totally awesum... And Helio & Julliane, they ROCK!!!!


I will miss Maks tremendously. I don't watch DWTS to see pseudo-celebrities stumble around on the dance floor. I watch to see the professional dancers. What a joy they are, especially Maks.


I really don't like Maks. He has no guts. He says all these nasty things about Marie to magazines, but yet he is a total suck up to her face. The only reason I watched DWTS is for Marie. She is a wonderful lady and she enjoyed the whole thing so much!! Good job Marie!!


The only reason I really enjoyed watching DWTS was to watch Maks dance. I was so glad to see that he had a partner that gave him the chance to win this year. I am sad to know he won't be back next year. You & Mel were the winners in my book!!!


Maks and Mel are the REAL winners. Mel on the dance floor was sooooooooooooo beautiful to watch. She is truly a profeesional dancer. I am also sorry to know that Maks is not returning next season on DNTS. He truly is an asset to the show. GOOD LUCK MAKS ON WHATEVER YOU DO.


Yeah Max - you voiced my opinion 100%. Hugs to you and Mel B


Maks is a pure joy to watch. His skills on the dance floor make anyone with two legs want to take lessons just for pleasure. His comment(s) reflect an honesty which I find refreshing - he simply stated a fact about her limited skills as a dancer, yet qualified his opinion with positive remarks about Marie in general. She is a delight to watch, but she is not in the same league with those other folks!


Maks can get over me anytime. Maks you were great as always and I hope that your back is better. You are always great and soo sexy. I have been a fan of Marie's for many years and I love her but come on, last night I was in total shock at her raggy ann dance.Evryone has worked so HARD and this was unforgiveable of Marie to just do a silly routine that was not a dance.Go M&M


come on people, wake up, it is no different than american idol, etc. yes you need to have some talent or it would be a waste to have you, but it has always been about the fans votes, hence ratings for the show.... wa wa wa maks, take your lumps like a man, we KNOW your the better dancer, but really, just get over yourself....

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